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CMS Hub Platform and Hosting

CMS Hub is a cloud-based content management system that provides the tools you need to maintain complete control over your website performance. With 24/7 threat & security monitoring, flexible user permissions, and customized security settings to meet your specific needs, you’ll have everything you need to effectively manage your company’s website on HubSpot's CRM Platform.
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Security & Reliability

Cyber attacks happen every day. As you work to grow your business, you cannot afford for your website to be compromised. But managing servers, and monitoring the health of your website takes time, money, and resources.

CMS Hub handles the security of your website for you so you can focus on your visitors' and customers' experience. Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind that your site is hosted on one of the most secure CMS available on the market today.

Your website and all of its content is served through our global content delivery network (CDN). This allows us to handle high levels of traffic and ensure your site remains highly available during unexpected influxes of traffic. Data centers around the globe host your content and regular virus scans are run on all your content to protect you and your site visitors. If one data center goes down, traffic automatically is rerouted to the next closest data center so you, and your visitors, don't experience any downtime. This also means your site’s content will load quickly, improving your customer’s experience and your rankings in search results.

Need a custom CDN configuration? No problem. With our configurable CDN settings you can manage the security of your HubSpot hosted content, dictating how external visitors access your website for maximum protection.

CMS Hub Enterprise customers also have access to the following CDN Settings:.

  • HSTS
  • TLS Versioning
  • X-Frame-Options
  • X-XSS-Protection
  • X-Content-Type-Options
  • Content-Security-Policy
  • Referrer-Policy
  • Feature-Policy

HubSpot employs an enterprise-class web application firewall (WAF) that detects potential attacks before they pose a threat to your site. Malicious traffic is detected and blocked before it can get into your website. On average, our WAF blocks more than two million malicious requests per day.

At HubSpot, every site hosted on CMS Hub is automatically provisioned with a standard SSL certificate. SSL creates greater trust between your brand and visitors to your site, and increases your ranking within Google search results. And if you require a custom SSL certificate, CMS Hub will support you.

Keep track of all changes made to your HubSpot hosted site. Understand what changes are made to your content, who made the changes, and exactly what impact that change had through an easy to digest report. HubSpot’s user permissions allow you to easily manage access to your content across your entire team, so marketers, developers, and others have access to only the necessary assets.

Pinpointing malicious attacks is only half the battle. At HubSpot, we monitor our network for anything out of place, allowing us to quickly identify and mitigate new attack types. We also go through continuous updates to ensure our systems remain safe, ensuring that you never need to worry about updating your CMS.

We have an entire team of individuals dedicated to ensuring the security of your content. Through both automated and manual checks, they monitor the CMS 24/7 for attacks, potential abuse or other anomalies, so you can focus on the customer experience.

The HubSpot platform contains Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) prevention defenses to help protect your site and access to your products.


When making a decision on what CMS you will build your site on, a few things are simply table stakes. If your CMS isn’t fast, it can have a significant impact on your business. Your customer experience, or your rank in Google search results, should never suffer due to a slow site. That’s why CMS Hub gives you the tools you need to make sure that your site is as fast as possible.
We asked our partners at Pingdom to run a study on how CMS Hub performs against other popular content management systems on the market. Below are the results.






Load time

Calculated in seconds

Yslow score

Calculated in MB


HubSpot automatically and intelligently caches pages and files on both our CDN and in browsers to ensure the speediest delivery of all page assets to your website visitors. When your page or any dependency of your page changes, we automatically update the cached version of your page. CDN caching is especially effective for mobile website visitors and visitors outside the US where network latency is higher.

As CMS Hub renders a page, HubSpot automatically resizes images for you. If your images are hosted on our global CDN, we’ll create optimized versions for the requested size and re-encode images in next-gen formats like WebP when savings are found.

HubSpot will automatically remove any unnecessary spaces, line breaks and comments from your JavaScript files to ensure the quickest delivery and parsing of your JavaScript files.

HubSpot automatically minifies all of the CSS files for your templates, theme, and modules. Additionally, using HubL, you can combine CSS files both for authoring purposes and for performance. Module CSS is broken out into separate files by default. With HTTP/2 the requests for these separate files happen at the same time, but the benefit of separate files comes with caching. If a module is reused on other pages, those subsequent loads will be faster because the module’s CSS is served from the cache. Because only CSS for modules currently on the page gets loaded, you are only sending the data that’s needed for that page.

HTTP/2 updates HTTP 1.x by compressing data and allowing simultaneous requests over a single connection. Sites served with HTTP/2 are faster and more efficient.. All SSL traffic on HubSpot hosted websites is served using HTTP/2 to browsers that support it.

Code alerts is a feature that helps developers identify areas of the HubSpot-hosted website that have infrastructure / design problems that may be creating a bad customer experience and slow site speeds.  Syntax errors, HubL errors, slow pages, and missing tags can all result in a page failing to load properly for website visitors, and code alerts surfaces that information in a table view for a developer to quickly jump into the code and resolve.

Build custom reporting dashboards for your HubSpot-hosted content. Track errors or areas of your site that could be performing better. See which areas of your site are getting the most traffic, to ensure those pages are fully optimized. Use the performance API to track down errors (outages) reported by end customers, areas of the site that are slow, high traffic areas of the site, how the site is performing for them over time, and what the site’s overall uptime is in a given period.


When choosing a CMS, you want to make sure that it has the features you’ll need to accommodate your business as it grows. CMS Hub has everything you need to control who on your growing team can edit content, enabling you to grow your business by monitoring your site for quality.
You also want to ensure that your CMS platform will scale as your traffic increases. With CMS Hub, we take care of this for you, ensuring your bill doesn’t change month to month as your traffic fluctuates over time.

Take control over the permissions each user has within CMS Hub. Allow specific users to only view or edit content, while others can publish changes live to your site. Control which users or teams have access to specific pieces of content using content partitioning, or which users have access to the apps you’ve integrated, or the ability to connect new apps with your HubSpot hosted site.

Never worry about deploying those necessary pages for your site ever again. HubSpot automatically provides you with branded subscription pages, password prompt pages, search results pages, and error pages that you can easily edit as you see fit.

Regardless of how complex your site hosting configuration, HubSpot can support you. Reverse proxy support lets you host all your content through an externally hosted domain, while still allowing your marketers to leverage CMS Hub.


Many content management systems have extensive ecosystems with a number of plugins, extensions, or apps that you can use to enhance your website. CMS Hub is no different -- except we take the time to vet every single integration available within our ecosystem to ensure they are safe and reliable on your site. Never stress over updating and managing plugins again. Everyone from Hotjar to SignalFX has an integration with CMS Hub, and we take care of making sure these integrations are constantly up to date.

I love that CMS Hub allows me to keep tabs on who is making edits to my site. In a fast paced environment, I never have to worry about unexpected changes. I have the ability to give each member of my team the access and permissions they need to do their job effectively.

Radek Zaleski

Head of Growth


Explore how CMS Hub can improve the speed, security, and reliability of your website.