How HubSpot is Different

    Brandon Steiger


    "HubSpot was the only system that offered [the ability to see an overall picture of performance] in an elegant way."

    Brandon Steiger
    CEO, Synergema

    "Before HubSpot, we were cobbling together multiple systems for email marketing, SEO, social media, and analytics. This worked for a while, but these tools weren't as effective as we needed them to be. We saw the impact of using HubSpot immediately. Having everything in one place helped us identify holes in our marketing execution and areas for improvement. In particular, we saw a huge improvement with social media. We had always been doing social media, but never had a good understanding of its true impact on our bottom line. With HubSpot, we're able to see which social media sites are driving results for our business in terms of visitors and conversions. Being able to understand which elements of our marketing are driving people to our site and convert has resulted in traffic from social media being up 24%."

    "Similar to other marketers, we're required to show how our efforts are delivering results in terms of visitors, leads, and customers. We need to be able to demonstrate this easily for our clients. HubSpot allows us to do that. Our clients love the reporting and analytics they see within HubSpot. We love it because it helps us show the value of the work we're doing for them. With other systems weve used in the past, it was clunky, there was a high learning curve, and the reporting just wasn't as good. We would have had to create custom reports each time, pulling in data from multiple sources. HubSpot allows us to have the transparency and depth we need, in an easy-to-use interface."

    "We have experience with each of the major marketing software solutions. Each system has certain elements that make it sexy and attractive. Our decision to choose HubSpot boiled down to their reporting capabilities -- at the end of the day, I needed to be able to easily see an overall picture of performance. HubSpot was the only system that offered this in an elegant way. With HubSpot, I can see how we're doing today, how we did last year, and the overall trends that are occurring in our marketing. These insights help us to become more effective over time.

    "I would recommend HubSpot to marketers looking for a true all-in-one system to help them with SEO, email marketing, social media, and marketing analytics. HubSpot gives you everything you need out of the box to create your marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness."