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Digital Marketing Software

Create a seamless, personalized digital experience that your customers will love, and will help you grow your business.

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  • This feature is only available in premium editions of Marketing Hub & CMS Hub. See the pricing page for more information.
    • Drag-and-drop page builder
    • Dynamic content through HubDB or CRM objects
    • Powerful marketing automation, including programmable email marketing
    • Membership-driven content
  1. Easily create seamless digital experiences.

    Too often, a company’s digital experience falls short of visitor expectations. Information on websites is hard to track down, follow-up emails don’t land in inboxes, and they have to switch between channels to find what they need.

    These businesses let their systems define what’s possible for their customers’ digital experience. With HubSpot’s digital marketing software, you can create a seamless, personalized digital experience that your customers will loveand that helps you grow your business.


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  1. Efficiently create beautiful content.

    Never again will your marketing team submit a request to the dev team, only to be backlogged until their next sprint. With the HubSpot CRM platform, your marketers and developers can work in tandem to ensure each team is able to use the tools they love, to deliver an experience your customers will remember.
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  2. Unlock consistency at every touchpoint.

    We’ve all filled out a form and never received a follow-up email, or reached out via chat only to receive radio silence on the other end. By leveraging the HubSpot CRM platform, you’ll ensure that every touchpoint your customers have with your brand is consistent and in-line with the rest of their experience. Never worry again whether or not an action taken on your website is actioned by your team.
  3. Personalize the experience for everyone.

    Ever receive an email trying to sell you a product you already own? Or see a content offer on a blog post you already downloaded? Marketers aren’t trying to offer a one-size-fits-none experience, they’re simply struggling to personalize at scale. With HubSpot’s dynamic personalization features you can leverage data to personalize the experience—so even the biggest companies can delight their customers at scale.
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HubSpot gives us a holistic understanding of our users’ actions across our website, emails, and social pages, connecting the dots without having to rely on separate analytics tools for each channel. It centralizes all this user data in one platform so we can easily take action off of it

Joe Dix

Global Head of Digital


Unlock the power of HubSpot's all-on-one content engine.

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A content management system that makes it easy for marketers to build seamless digital experiences for customers.

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Popular Features

  • Content Editing
    Build a cohesive site without worrying about mismatched designs. Leverage our intuitive drag-and-drop page editor to make updates on the fly, without bugging your developer.
  • Smart content
    Personalize and report on your content using rules backed by CRM data to show different content to different audiences—even to anonymous visitors.
  • Local Web Development
    Leverage tools like GitHub to handle version control, and make changes to web assets as you’re ready.
Create secure, personalized experiences for your customers by adding login elements to your website.
Dynamic Content
Create dynamic pages using CRM objects or HubDB data tables with their own unique, SEO-friendly URLs.
Web Apps
Create interactive web apps like event registration systems or location directories that turn your website into so much more than just a static brochure.

Marketing automation software to help you attract the right audience, convert more visitors, and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale.

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Popular Features

  • Products Email Module
    Easily promote your products and services in marketing email with modules that tie directly back to your product library.
  • Programmable Email
    Build more personalized and targeted emails at scale by leveraging CRM objects or HubDB within your email content.
  • Automated Workflows
    Build personalized automated campaigns in minutes. The workflows editor makes it easy to architect automated processes in real-time, whether you’re building simple follow-up campaigns or complex multi-stage journeys.
Ad Management
Create targeted ads audiences and report on the true ROI of your advertising efforts.
SMS Workflow Extensions
With workflow extensions, you can now expand the power of your marketing campaigns beyond email and ads to reach customers where they are with SMS and push notifications.
OneSignal Integration
Expand the reach of your campaigns by integrating HubSpot workflows with OneSignal, the market leader for popular digital channels like web and mobile push.

CRM tools built from the ground up to be a powerful, integrated, and easy-to-use system that delivers better customer experiences.

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Popular Features

  • Marketing Events Object
    Track, manage, and report on the success of your marketing events, all in one system. With a uniform means of tracking the success of your event, you’ll understand what worked, what didn’t, and improve the attendee experience over time.
  • Media Bridge
    Use media consumption data to fuel the customer experience. With new integrations made possible through the media bridge, you’ll create a seamless customer experience and understand the ROI of your media assets.
  • Custom Report Builder
    Growing companies need quick answers to the one-off questions that drive business growth. The custom report builder is built to give you access to all of your data in one place—no spreadsheets required.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Digital marketing software helps marketers create seamless digital experiences across every touchpoint they have with their customers. This extends beyond marketing automation software to include content management and customer relationship management software, as well. By providing a unified source of truth on the customer experience for all customer-facing teams, digital marketing software allows businesses to create extremely personalized content at scale.

  • Popular digital marketing software features in HubSpot include:

    • Web content management and powerful content creation tools
    • Marketing email
    • Marketing automation
    • Dynamic personalization
    • Custom reporting
    • A unified data source powered by HubSpot's CRM tools
  • HubSpot's digital marketing software is part of both CMS Hub and Marketing Hub. You can get started with Marketing Hub for free. If you are looking for more advanced features to manage your entire digital presence at scale, HubSpot offers premium Marketing Hub and CMS Hub features with it's Professional and Enterprise editions.