• Ranked #1

    by marketers.

  • Easy-to-use yet robust software

    making it easier to get things done.

  • Marketing data in one place

    giving you powerful analytics like campaign reporting and marketing ROI tracking.

  • Ranked #3

    by marketers.

  • complex and difficult to use tool

    required for key marketing channels like blogging and social media.

  • Multiple tools required

    making it much harder to measure effectiveness.

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A natively integrated platform for more power and less hassle.

A platform that allows integrations can be very beneficial, allowing marketers to choose best-of-breed tools for different marketing activities . However, there is always the draw-back that marketers will face challenges when not working with an integrated platform that has been built from the ground up to work seamlessly as one.


HubSpot customers see many benefits from a completely integrated, all-in-one platform, including:

  • One log-in, one support line, and one bill for your entire marketing platform
  • Time savings with only one set of software tools to learn and master
  • More powerful tools, since each one accesses the others’ data
  • Micro-reporting on specific segments using the same data points
  • Macro-reporting for a big picture view of the makeup of your entire database


Many Marketo customers have reported the following challenges in product reviews as a result of using a platform is not truly “all-in-one”:

  • Difficulty slicing and dicing database across data points from various systems
  • Missing data points from multiple data transfers between systems
  • Drain on time and resources to integrate
  • Multiple logins, bills, and support lines (or no support line at all)

"HubSpot took away top honors as the best all-around marketing automation system."

VentureBeat Marketing Automation Index

Michael Freeman Shoretel
"What makes HubSpot so appealing is its all-in-oneness. The fewer tools that I have to use, the better off I am. It's easier to get people trained. I'm less likely to have to jerry rig things together to make them happen."
Michael Freeman
Sr. Manager of Search and Analytics

An inbound marketing software platform supports full-funnel, multi-channel marketing activities beyond email.

Regardless of how leads enter your funnel, you’ll need to nurture them to sale with content across multiple channels. HubSpot provides a fully integrated platform to provide the lead intelligence, multi-channel content tools and analytics to turn leads into customers. 


HubSpot amplifies the ROI of both traditional and inbound marketing activities by providing:

  • Robust lead intelligence to better understand existing database
  • Comprehensive reporting to merge on and offline activities
  • Behavioral reporting to understand how nurturing content impacts your pipeline
  • Multi-channel lead nurturing for a full-funnel inbound strategy
  • Integrated, closed-loop analytics to view impact of both inbound and traditional strategies


Marketo's software is centered on email automation, and doesn't provide the tools to support inbound marketing activities.  This can lead to some of the following challenges:

  • Difficulty seeing a complete picture of contacts interacting with multiple touch points from different systems
  • Inaccurate marketing insights gained from missing reporting data
  • Additional expenses; Marketo Personalization ($999+) and HootSuite Enterprise would be required to conduct multi-channel, personalized nurturing
  • Time-consuming and potentially inaccurate reporting when trying to measure inbound and proactive strategies

We can compare different marketing channels and how performance changes over time, allowing us to see where our marketing dollars are being spent most effectively."
Rob Sobers
Director of Inbound Marketing, Varonis
Former Marketo User

Reporting to improve and inform your marketing efforts.

Improving and optimizing your marketing starts with understanding your marketing data. While Marketo's tools provide robust revenue reporting, marketers should question whether they provide actionable insights to guide and improve their marketing investments.


Marketers are able to to slice and dice their reporting, seeing how each marketing activity affects their overall strategy and goals, since all of their tools are in one integrated platform. There is little-to-no manual work needed to pull reports that give clear insights as to what is working and what’s not.   For example, HubSpot’s reporting tools provide a campaign dashboard that makes it easy to see how each asset is contributing to the campaign’s overall progress and goals. 


HubSpot customers receive the following benefits through all-in-one reporting:

  • A view of how individual assets are performing within a particular campaign.
  • Micro and macro level analytics for every marketing tool, including email, social media, website analytics, landing pages, calls-to-action and more.
  • Integrated reporting capabilities out-of-the-box, with no manual integrations or tracking URLs necessary.
  • The ability to understand the impact of marketing activities on specific segments of your database.


Because Marketo customers often use other marketing tools alongside Marketo, their reporting process can be more complicated. They must be diligent about attaching tracking URLs to every social media message, tracking call-to-action activity in their raw HTML code, etc. Combining different metrics measured by different tools also makes it difficult to ensure the accuracy of data. Beyond that, Marketo's model for revenue attribution may not be consistent with every marketer’s unique business. 

Marketo customers have reported the following experiences in customer reviews:

  • Complex set-up to get reporting functioning
  • Inaccurate reporting as a result of inconsistencies in manual tracking URLs and integrations
  • Delays in receiving enough data for Revenue Cycle Analytics (only available at Select package level)
  • Lack of content-level analytics to guide future strategy
  • Different analytics and data-points for each marketing tool outside of Marketo


Love the software you use through an amazing user experience. 


HubSpot's undying motto is to "solve for the customer", from software design of  to customer support. HubSpot was built to take the obstacles out of marketing, making it easy to use and widely accessible to marketers of every skill level. HubSpot has made lead generation and marketing automation manageable for thousands of marketers by creating an easy to use multi-channel platform instead of building out every marketing automation feature possible.

Customers cite the following reasons for awarding HubSpot #1 in customer satisfaction:

  • One interface for every content tool. Learn one--learn them all.
  • Landing Pages, Email, and Blogs are all responsive and mobile-optimized out of the box.
  • A drag-and-drop editor to change the layout of your site and landing pages, no coding required.
  • Built-in reporting tools that are easy to navigate--every tool's data lives natively in the same place.
  • Unlimited phone, web, email and Twitter support for EVERY customer at no added cost.


Marketo was built for advanced marketers, creating a steep learning curve. Customers report inconsistencies in the user interface across tools and that custom coding skills are required to make several changes.

Marketo users cite the following challenges in product reviews:

  • Different interfaces for your landing pages, emails, blog.
  • Must custom code to make landing pages and emails responsive.
  • Must custom code HTML to change layout of your landing pages.
  • Reporting requires manual tracking and time-consuming integration to execute on.
  • Extra cost for a custom support package to access phone support.
"We needed something that we could do in house quickly and easily. If we want to change our campaigns, we can do it now – on the fly."
Deborah Bates
Marketing Sr. Project Manager & Business Analyst, ABBYY USA

The people have spoken: HubSpot is #1 in customer satisfaction.

At the end of the day, marketers are buying software to make their lives easier. For a truly satisfying software choice, the tools they use must be both user-friendly and powerful enough to yield a high ROI. HubSpot has delighted five times as many customers as Marketo thanks to its easy-to-use tools, live and on-demand training, and cream-of-the-crop consulting and support.  But don’t just take our word for it....


  • Ranked #1 by marketers on G2Crowd
  • Ranked #1 by VentureBeat in the Marketing Automation Index
  • Yields 40,000+ results in a Google search for "I Love HubSpot"
  • 10,000+ customers strong


  • Ranked #4 by marketers on G2Crowd
  • Ranked #3 by VentureBeat in the Marketing Automation Index
  • Yields ~5,900 results in a Google search for "I Love Marketo"
  • ~ 3000 customers


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