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Konica Minolta Increases Local Content Utilisation by 20% with HubSpot

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia needed to consolidate their marketing efforts across Southeast Asia onto a single platform. They chose HubSpot for its ease of use, powerful features, and responsive customer support. Today, content utilisation is up 20% across the region, and they’ve cut time spent and budget in half.

  • 20% increase in content utilisation

  • 50% cost savings

  • 20% time saved

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is a global leader in imaging, data processing, and data-based decision making.


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    Disjointed marketing tools across SEA

    As a global company with a strong regional presence across Southeast Asia, Konica Minolta has a lot of experience working in established and emerging markets with different business cultures and languages. The regional office, based in Singapore, oversees marketing efforts and creates content that is then localised and distributed to National Operating Companies (NOCs) across the region.

    Marketing efforts were hampered by a fractured marketing automation setup. The regional team and several NOCs were using Marketo, while others were using Mailchimp or no platform at all. The NOCs had to adapt the content produced to fit different platforms, which made reporting much more challenging.

    All of this made content distribution tricky, and content utilisation was low, Regional Marketing Communications Manager Loon Jian Yew tells us:

    “It was ineffective for the respective teams to juggle different platforms and constantly be reinventing the wheel,” Loon says. “Our regional team had to know the technical requirements of every platform in order to produce relevant marketing assets, in addition to understanding the local market.”


    High technical barriers 

    Konica Minolta considered consolidating their marketing onto Marketo, but the platform had several drawbacks:

    • Marketo required a level of technical expertise and coding knowledge that most marketers don’t have
    • Marketo’s lack of onboarding and customer support meant that local teams couldn’t get full use of the platform

    Because of this, many larger campaigns were run by external agencies, which was both expensive and inconvenient.

    “We wanted to have an omni-channel marketing effort that is essentially located in a single platform without the need to engage an external partner,” Loon explains. 

    A platform for marketers 

    With Marketing Hub, Konica Minolta now has a single centralised platform for their marketing efforts in the region. 

    NOCs find HubSpot more user-friendly than alternatives. Unlike previous tools, HubSpot has fast, responsive customer support, and they love HubSpot’s Knowledge Base and customer support live chat.

    Marketing Hub’s intuitive interface makes EDM creation, monitoring, A/B testing, and reporting much simpler. At the regional level, Loon has also collaborated with the HubSpot support specialist to create workflows, eliminating the need for external partners. 

    “HubSpot has really reduced our downtime and increased our productivity after switching from Marketo,” Loon says.

    Powerful features

    HubSpot’s powerful functionality makes it much easier for the regional team to create and distribute content to NOCs. HubSpot’s workflows make things like contact management, lead-nurturing campaign and drip series much easier to build and share. Drag-and-drop tools make email creation simple, no coding required.

    Marketing Hub also makes it much easier for Loon’s team to send reports to global HQ in Japan: they can download a full report with a simple click.

    “Having used several marketing automation tools, I can tell you that operating HubSpot is a walk in the park. And if you ever get lost, their live support agents are at your fingertips,” Loon says. “The visibility is very high now that we're all using the same technology, and this has really improved reporting and asset management.”

    20% increase in content utilisation

    Since switching to HubSpot, content utilisation has gone up 20% across SEA. Local markets have had some exciting wins with the new platform:

    Singapore has seen a 36% increase in organic web traffic and a 53% increase in organic leads. Marketing qualified leads (MQLs) have gone up 221-228%, depending on the NOC.

    For all teams, Loon estimates that they’ve cut content creation and distribution time in half, and they’ve been able to save 50% of their budget by switching to HubSpot.

    HubSpot is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. It's built for marketers and not just developers. With a bit of training, someone that has just onboarded can roll out a campaign in only two or three weeks. We couldn’t do that with Marketo.
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