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Shows a simplified Marketing Hub user interface where a marketer has set up an automated email nurturing campaign
Marketing Hub®

Marketing Software

  • AI-powered marketing software that helps you generate leads and automate marketing.

  • Free and premium plans that grow with you. Editions starting at:

    - Free: $0/month
    - Starter: $20/month per seat
    - Professional: $890/month (3 seats included)
    - Enterprise: $3,600/month (5 seats included)

  • Drive revenue by attracting, converting, and engaging high-quality leads. Save time and resources with campaign management and automation tools in one place. Measure and optimize campaigns using reporting tools powered by CRM data.

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All your marketing tools and data can be connected in one place.

Marketers are juggling more campaigns under increasing pressure, with no signs of it slowing down.

Marketing Hub is the all-in-one marketing automation software that connects customer insights through our Smart CRM. Attract attention to your business and collect contacts. Engage leads and customers at the right place and time. 

Solutions to Your Top Marketing Challenges

HubSpot simplified user interface showing a user creating an email message and adding a CTA button with the drag-and-drop editor

Drive Revenue

Marketing Hub gives your team the tools to tailor marketing offers and messages to your audience. Those insights and personalizations make your offers relevant, attracting quality leads who are ready to convert. 

Now you can combine all of your marketing efforts into one cohesive and impactful approach for engaging customers. 

Learn more about how HubSpot helps you drive revenue

Simplified user interface in HubSpot showing how a user can use AI to create an email nurturing campaign

Save Time and Resources

Work more efficiently and effectively with the help of AI-based marketing tools. You can personalize messaging, automate campaigns, and gain actionable insights.

Automation and AI empower marketing teams to connect deeply with customers and drive impactful results through targeted strategies.

Learn more about how HubSpot helps you save time and resources

Simplified user interface in HubSpot showing metrics a user would see in their reporting dashboard, including traffic sources, blog post views, and the traffic sources of qualified leads

Measure and Optimize

Make strategic business decisions that optimize your marketing efforts with the data you need. HubSpot’s advanced marketing reporting tools help you understand your customer journey, track campaign performance, and boost ROI with data-backed decisions.

Learn more about how HubSpot helps you measure and optimize

Marketing Software That Grows With You

Start with free tools and pay as you grow, or hit the ground running with one of our premium editions.


No credit card required


Popular features

  • Email marketing
  • Forms
  • Live chat
  • Ad management
  • Mobile optimization


Starts at

$20/month per seat

Popular features

  • Everything in Free
  • Multiple currencies
  • Email health insights
  • Calls-to-action
  • No HubSpot branding


Starts at


(3 seats included)

Popular features

  • Everything in Starter
  • Campaign management
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Custom reporting


Starts at


(5 seats included)

Popular features

  • Everything in Professional
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Adaptive testing
  • Multi-touch revenue attribution
  • Customer journey analytics

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After 6 months, Marketing Hub customers see:

  • Email Icons ES (square)


    increase in inbound leads

  • 76%

    higher deal close rate
  • 21%

    increase in deals created

See How Customers Use Marketing Hub to Grow Better

Howard University

Howard University School of Business Ditches Spreadsheets to Maximize Corporate Sponsorships

The Challenge
Howard University’s school of business needed a better way to manage corporate partnerships.

The Solution
With Marketing Hub and Sales Hub, spreadsheets gave way to clear CRM data and improved communication, leading to a fully-funded program and happy sponsors. 

“Workflows and templates save us so much time. It’s also easy to clone existing emails, change a few things, and then set up new workflows.” - LaToya Turner, Program Coordinator

Read the full case study


ResellerRatings Increases New Customer Growth by 60%

The Challenge
ResellerRatings struggled with the technical heaviness of its Salesforce CRM, and its lack of revenue reporting.

The Solution
When ResellerRatings replaced Salesforce with the full HubSpot customer platform, it achieved a 60% increase in new customer growth quarter-over-quarter and a 76% decrease in customer churn rate.

"Since switching to HubSpot, we increased traffic 25% to our landing pages and our conversion rate went up 5%." - Christina Kay, VP of Marketing, ResellerRatings

Read the full case study

Airstream trailer


Airstream Generates 78% More Leads at Scale with HubSpot

The Challenge
As Airstream grew, they needed a simple way to generate more leads at scale and distribute them amongst their network of dealers.

The Solution
Airstream and Element Three generated 78% more leads than a previous campaign by implementing a journey-based advertising strategy using Facebook Lead Ads within HubSpot. More importantly, they generated leads at scale — decreasing cost per lead by roughly 44%.

“We’d recommend Marketing Hub to most businesses in B2B or B2C that are looking to ramp up their lead generation efforts.” - Tim Morse, Digital Marketing Manager at Element Three, digital agency for AirStream

Read full case study

G2 badge: Leader, Summer 2023
G2 badge: Momentum Leader, Summer 2023
G2 badge: Best Usability, Enterprise, Summer 2023
G2 badge: Best Relationship, Enterprise, Summer 2023
G2 badge: Best Results, Mid-Market, Summer 2023
G2 badge: Leader, Small Business, Summer 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing automation software helps you engage and convert leads with dynamic, automated campaigns across various channels, and measures the effectiveness of your strategies with powerful built-in reporting tools.

Use marketing automation software to make it easy to organize all your business’ marketing assets, data, and tools in one place — bridging the gap between Marketing and Sales. No matter what size your team is, HubSpot's marketing software can connect you with your customers, teams, and data.

Popular features in HubSpot’s marketing software include the ability to:

  • Build personalized, automated marketing campaigns
  • Manage all of your social media accounts in a single place
  • Get your whole team on the same page with campaign management tools
  • Track your marketing performance with built-in analytics and custom reporting

HubSpot's marketing automation software is called Marketing Hub. You can get started for free with Marketing Hub's free tools, or if you’re looking for more advanced features to help automate and scale your marketing operations, HubSpot also offers premium Marketing Hub features and customer support in its Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions.

Getting started with marketing automation software is almost instantaneous. Provide your marketing team with logins and access to the appropriate tools, and they’ll be able to get up and running in no time. Functionality like email marketing and analytics will be ready to go as soon as they log in.

For more advanced implementation, like ad tracking or SEO, it may take slightly longer to get started. In that case, you’ll need to integrate your associated advertising platforms, get your team access, and then they’ll be ready to go.

Yes. Marketing Hub has a powerful bi-directional sync with Salesforce, which means that any changes made in one system are automatically synced to the other. You can choose which records sync from HubSpot to Salesforce and when, and automatically send important lead intelligence like email opens, form submissions, website activity, and more to your sales team so they have all the context they need to close more deals. You can also send lead scores from HubSpot to Salesforce — to help your sales team prioritize their outreach and save valuable time.

If you’re using tools other than Salesforce, you’ll find more than 1,500 apps in our app marketplace — making it easy to connect HubSpot to your favorite tools in just a few clicks.

Your HubSpot account includes flexible, customizable dashboards that allow you to see campaign performance data in one place and easily share reports with stakeholders. Additionally, using multi-touch revenue attribution and customer journey analytics, you can prove your business impact, optimize your campaigns, and make budget decisions with greater certainty than before.

With HubSpot, you have access to powerful dashboards that enable you to view all your data in one place and easily share reports.

We're built differently. Marketing Hub provides connected tools and experiences, all as part of HubSpot's customer platform. Marketing Hub isn’t like a lot of software. You don't have to manage various point solutions to bring your systems and data together. The best part? Marketing Hub is powerful and easy-to-use: It’s customizable without being complicated, and empowering instead of overpowering. No matter how intricate your tactics, organization, or data, Marketing Hub makes it possible to power deep customer connections with ease.

Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, Content Hub, and Operations Hub are each part of our complete customer platform to help you grow better. When you use two or more hubs together, your data is automatically connected on the platform, enabling you to easily (and powerfully) track your entire customer journey from first website visit, to closed deal, to happy customer.