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Building for the HubSpot Template Marketplace

Your guide to successfully listing and launching themes, modules, and future offerings on the Template Marketplace.

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Why build for the HubSpot Template Marketplace?


Grow your business

Unlock new opportunities to reach a wider audience and identify incremental revenue streams. 

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Showcase your skills

Bring more visibility to your offerings and services while flaunting your web design and development expertise. 


Join a community of creators

Connect with a growing and supportive ecosystem to help shape the future of the Template Marketplace.

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How to Get Started


Build user-friendly themes

New to building for the Template Marketplace? Get started by creating a theme – a cohesive bundle of page templates and design components with lots of styling options. 

Prepare to build. Understand what's ahead by reviewing the HubSpot themes overview, developer guides, theme requirements, and documentation

Create a theme. Use our theme boilerplate for a quick start, and don't forget to reference the Template Marketplace guidelines

List a theme. Kick off the process by following our listing checklist and best practices. Be sure to adhere to our branding guidelines and listing requirements



Offer more customization with modules

Going beyond the basics of a theme, modules are reusable building blocks that add more functionality to a website. Empower users to make each page unique with a module or two! 

Prepare to build. Get ready by reading the HubSpot modules overview and requirements

Create a module. Let our dev docs guide you through getting started and module configuration

List a module. Be sure to meet all listing requirements before submitting your module  for review. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

HubSpot's developer documentation is a well-maintained resource for instructional guidance about building on our platform. Interested in breaking news? Visit and subscribe to the HubSpot developer changelog

We do not charge developers a fee to list, nor do we take a cut of any installs or transactions. 

Check out our marketing team's guide to launching your HubSpot template and our quality team's best practices for listing a theme