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Website Migration

Your website is recreated in Content Hub, empowering you to grow your site through HubSpot's integrated tools.

Website Migration Overview

The HubSpot Website Migration service rebuilds your website content into Content Hub, using a new theme (which includes templates and modules).

We migrate sites using a proprietary Replatforming theme or a Marketplace theme. Customers using a Marketplace theme can either update or maintain their current branding.

A designated Replatforming Specialist will help you manage the Website Migration and guide you through the process.

Please note: This service does not include graphic design, significant custom development, or content strategy.

Key Details


Setting: Remote

Duration: 2 - 4 weeks

Website Migration

Legal Description

Common Questions

  • Yes. We will customize the theme settings of a marketplace theme to resemble your company’s branding. These customizations will be made in the codeless theme editor, we will not modify the source code of any Marketplace theme.

  • If your website is approved for migration, you’ll receive a migration agreement with included pages and expected changes. You can learn more about Website Migration limitations here.

  • If the alternative languages are available as individual pages and these pages appear on the same subdomain as the primary language, we can migrate them. Any exclusions will be noted on your migration agreement.

  • Yes. During a migration we work to bring over your website content as closely as possible which involves seeing what code your current site is using. We need a live URL to perform a migration and cannot base it on an image or mock-up file. A live staging URL will work, as well. 

  • Yes. If you want to use a password-protected page, please share credentials that we can use to access the page when requesting a Website Migration.

  • A Website Migration typically takes 2-4 weeks once we have the required assets.

  • You can report any migration issues directly to the HubSpot Replatforming Specialist working with you on your Website Migration project.

  • Yes, we will migrate up to 150 pages. 

  • You can learn more about which subscriptions offer access to this service here.

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