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Balance Sheet Template for Excel, Google Sheets

Use this free balance sheet template to help you better understand your finances.

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    Available for Excel & Google Sheets

    Template Highlights

    • Includes business balance sheet template for balancing assets, equity, and liabilities.
    • Use the templates in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.
    • Customize to match your business’s branding or your personal preferences.
    • Print out your completed balance sheet or save it and email it as an attachment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the basic steps you can follow to prepare a balance sheet for business or personal use.

    1. List your assets: List each type of asset and its value as a line item. 
    2. List liabilities: List each type of liability and its value as a line item. 
    3. Calculate shareholders’ equity (businesses only): List the value of any shareholders’ equity, which can include items like common stock and retained earnings.
    4. Add up sections and balance (for businesses only): Add up your assets, liabilities, and equity. Your assets should equal total liabilities plus equity.

    If you’re using a personal balance sheet, you won’t have an owner’s equity section, and your assets don’t have to match your liabilities. You can use a personal balance sheet to compare the value of the assets you own against any debts you owe.

    They sure are! Enter your contact information and get instant access to this template (along with every other template in this collection). 

    Yes! You can easily adjust these balance sheet templates’ fonts, colors, and other elements in Excel or Google Sheets to match your brand or personal taste.