Employee Schedule for PDF & Excel

Create a detailed employee schedule for your entire team with this handy template.

Create a detailed employee schedule for your entire team with this handy template.

Template Highlights

  • Specify the week and the department
  • Fill out each day with the names of the employees working, their employee ID numbers, when they start and get off, how many works total they're working that day, and everyone who's off
  • Have more than six people working on a given day? Simply highlight a row and click Insert > Rows
  • Have fewer than six people working that day?
  • Download it a PDF or Excel file
  • Print it, email it, run with it

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an employee schedule?

    Before you begin, we recommend figuring out a few things. Can you schedule employees at any time, or do you need to factor in their other obligations? Do you have day employees versus night ones? Is your team all in the same place, or distributed, and how does that affect their working hours? Once you've gotten this information, you can slot people into specific shifts.

Is this template free?

    Completely free, mate.

Can I edit this template?

    You can change ALL THE THINGS about this template. Get rid of the HubSpot logo, replace it with your own, change the color palette, choose a new font, etc.

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