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Purchase Order Template for Excel, PDF

Quickly get the supplies/services you need with this professional PO template.

    Download Free Template

    Available for Excel & PDF

    Template Highlights

    • Add product codes, item descriptions, quantity, and unit price. The total calculates automatically
    • Specify shipping method, terms, delivery date, & more
    • Make sure everyone know who to call with clear Supplier and Buyer contact fields
    • There are fields for discounts, shipping & handling costs, taxes, and a signature
    • Download it as a PDF or Excel file
    • Print it, email it, put it in a glass bottle

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A purchase order, or PO, is an official document that a customer sends to their vendor listing what they'd like to buy and how much. It's usually a legally binding document. POs help both buyer and seller track their transactions.

    As free can be. Once you’ve entered your contact information, you can instantly download this template (along with all the other templates in this collection!). That’s it.

    We hope you do!