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Letter of Recommendation for Word, Google Docs

Draft a professional recommendation letter in a matter of minutes with the help of this template.

    Download Free Template

    Available for Word & Google Docs

    Template Highlights

    • Recommend your employees to support their professional development.
    • Use the template in Word or Google Docs format.
    • Highlight the abilities, attitudes, and skills of the person you are recommending by following the template structure. It's very easy.
    • Edit the letter to align with your company's corporate image.
    • Print or send the letter of recommendation in the desired format.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A letter of recommendation is a document through which a person, company, or governmental institution describes the activities that a worker has carried out for a certain period of time. It usually includes an evaluation of the recommended person's abilities, attitudes, and skills. It serves as a work reference when seeking a new job position.

    As the name suggests, the purpose of this document is to recommend another person, in this case, a colleague or coworker. You simply need to state their name, indicate that you know them, and mention their qualities, attitudes, and skills in the workplace.

    Certainly, the template is fully editable.

    Yes, the letter of recommendation template is free.