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Root Cause Analysis for Excel, Word, Google Docs, Google Sheets

Use this free root cause analysis template to identify the source of business issues and create a plan to prevent them.

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Available for Excel & Word & Google Docs & Google Sheets

Template Highlights

  • The template is available for download in Excel and Microsoft Word or accessible in Google Sheets and Google Docs.
  • Offers a structured format for suggesting potential solutions based on the identified root causes.
  • Includes sections for issue details, problem description, root cause identification, and follow-up review, enabling a clear understanding of the root cause and its impact.


What is root cause analysis?

Root cause analysis (RCA) is the process of analyzing a problem to find its underlying causes instead of simply treating the surface-level issues.

What does a root cause analysis template include?

A root cause analysis (RCA) template outlines the steps you take to analyze a problem and determine its source. 

As such, you’ll find the following sections:

  • Event date: The date the problem or issue occurred.
  • Customer details: The customer (internal or external) who was affected by the problem. 
  • Event description: A summary of the event, including severity, resulting symptoms, and impact on the customer.
  • Investigator(s): The individual or team members assigned to analyze the event.
  • Possible root causes: Likely sources of the incident, along with the probability for each one and how you can test whether or not it’s the root cause.
  • Suggested solutions: Potential solutions you can use to remedy the problem based on each possible root cause.

Benefits of root cause analysis

The root cause analysis technique is a systematic approach to identifying and fixing underlying issues that can have a negative impact on your customers and your business. As such, it’s an essential part of running a company that can evolve and thrive in the long run. 

Here are the top benefits of root cause analysis:

Problem resolution and prevention

Root cause analysis helps you get to the bottom of the underlying issues affecting your business. By understanding the core problem, you can take corrective measures to eliminate the issue entirely and prevent future incidents.

Data-driven decision making

In root cause analysis, you collect data to help you identify potential root causes. Using data instead of guesses helps you understand your business better and brainstorm more viable solutions.

Continuous process improvement

If you don’t address underlying problems in your business, they will continue to impact you and your customers. By finding and fixing root causes over time, you can develop more effective business processes and mitigate risk by taking steps to prevent core issues from recurring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start by defining the problem, then collect relevant data and list potential root causes. From there, test your hypotheses to identify the true underlying issue and outline corrective measures you can take to resolve it.

Free as can be, just like all of the templates in our library. Simply add your information and download the template in the format that works best for you.

That’s the idea! Once downloaded, this template is yours to edit and use.