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Business Case for Word, Google Docs, PDF

Make a case for an upcoming project or investment with the help of this free business case template.

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    Available for Word & Google Docs & PDF

    Template Highlights

    • Available for download in Microsoft Word or accessible in Google Docs.
    • Offers a dedicated section for you to provide a detailed implementation plan and timeline, allowing you to customize your business case for clear and effective communication with your teams.
    • Assists you in gaining support from investors and stakeholders by helping you present a well-structured business case.
    • Each section of the template includes straightforward instructions, making it easy and simple for you to fill in your business case details.


    What is a business case?

    A business case is a document that you can use to pitch a project idea to your stakeholders. The process involves identifying a need or problem, outlining a possible solution, and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of your idea.

    What does a business case include?

    A business case offers details that help stakeholders evaluate your idea by understanding why you’re suggesting a certain solution and what you hope to achieve with your project. 

    Specifically, a business case template often includes the following sections:

    • Purpose: The business problem or need that your proposed project will solve.
    • Solution: An overview of your solution to the problem or need, which usually includes an overview of the project schedule and timeline.
    • Scope: The time, money, and human investment required for your project. 
    • Alternatives: Other strategies that could be used to solve the same problem.
    • Analysis: The benefits and risks associated with your solution and reasons why you chose your solution over the alternatives.
    • Key performance indicators (KPIs): How you plan to measure the effectiveness or success of the solution.

    Importance of creating a business case document

    Preparing a business case for a project empowers you to make a compelling argument for your proposed solution. 

    Additionally, it can increase the chances of your project’s success by enabling the following benefits:

    Gaining stakeholder support

    A comprehensive business case shows investors and stakeholders that you’ve done the research to prove the value of a solution. This builds trust and credibility, which means you’re more likely to win support for your idea.

    Improving project selection 

    Writing a business case forces you to clearly define the purpose of each project, consider alternatives, and weigh the benefits against the risks. As a result, you’re more likely to invest in projects that have the best possible outcomes and strategic advantages over alternate solutions.

    Enabling proactive risk management

    Considering risks is a key part of project management. In fact, two-thirds of project managers regularly take part in risk management activities. And thinking about potential risks at the beginning of a project gives you a head start on mitigating them. Instead of responding in real-time, you can take a proactive approach.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A business plan outlines a strategic plan for the entire business over the next couple of years. In contrast, a business case presents a specific project or solution within the business.

    Consider this template on us. Like all of our templates, once you provide your contact information, it’s yours to download and use.

    Of course! It’s yours to customize as needed.