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AMTdirect Integrates NetSuite with HubSpot Using Bedrock Data

AMTdirect is a leading maker of real estate management software. Integrating HubSpot and NetSuite was a critical goal after they moved off Pardot and implemented HubSpot for marketing automation, contact management and website CMS.

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  • Seamless data flow


AMTdirect's cloud-based software helps leading companies build a timely, highly accurate and actionable picture of the organization's complete real estate portfolio. AMTdirect is designed to help customers make smart decisions quickly and easily.


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    Needing a Seamless Integration

    Using HubSpot's marketing platform to collect and manage both leads and contacts, there was an absolute need to integrate the two business critical cloud applications together.  AMTdirect needed a bi-directional integration that would both sync and update contacts from HubSpot into NetSuite so that their sales reps could work new leads quickly and efficiently. They also needed to sync Lead, Contact, Prospect and Customer data from NetSuite back into HubSpot to enrich and automate their email and lead nurturing campaigns.

    After a short search for an integration provider and extensive research into HubSpot's Partners service offerings, AMTdirect chose Bedrock Data to handle their bi-directional NetSuite/HubSpot integration.

    Syncing Fields Between HubSpot and NetSuite

    AMTdirect initially setup several core fields to sync and stay updated between HubSpot and NetSuite. These core fields include contact information like name, email, phone number, etc. Due to the fact that they have been NetSuite customers for much longer than they had been using HubSpot, AMTdirect decided to make NetSuite the "system of record" for many of these core fields.  

    The following are additional insights as to how their fields are synced between HubSpot and NetSuite:

    Lead Source: For now, lead source is something that AMTdirect tracks in NetSuite first, and is a reference to the origin of a lead that they've populated in NetSuite.  This data then syncs to HubSpot where it is used in Smart Lists which allow AMTdirect to segment contacts to send emails, personalize website content, and power marketing campaigns. 

    Status: Via the integration, the Lead Status field is kept up-to-date in HubSpot as it changes or progresses in NetSuite during the sales process. This allows AMTdirect to setup automatic rules that enroll these leads, or HubSpot contacts, in or out of the various smart lists and workflows they've created. This will ensure that these leads are being sent the right type of information given their lead status and which HubSpot Workflow they're enrolled in. 

    Sales Rep Owner: This field is an excellent field to map in any integration.  Essentially it allows AMTdirect to sync over the name of the sales rep who is the "owner" of a particular lead in NetSuite, into HubSpot.  This allows their marketing team to send personalized email via HubSpot that appears to be coming from the lead's owner, a very powerful use case and feature of this integration.  With Bedrock's ability to update data in both systems, this field will stay up-to-date in HubSpot as well, should the NetSuite lead owner or sales rep change at some point in the lead's lifetime.


    Advanced Filtering Using Workflows

    AMTdirect also takes advantage of Bedrock Data's workflows feature, which allows them to filter the specific records that should be included in the integration and identify those that should not. Specific to AMTdirect's integration between HubSpot and NetSuite, they did not want to sync all HubSpot "subscribers," an early stage lead, over to NetSuite just yet. They wanted only middle or lower funnel leads to enter the CRM for sales reps to begin working, therefore they opted to only sync records from HubSpot that have a lifecycle stage of "lead" or greater.  

    On the flip side, they wanted to limit which records sync from NetSuite back to HubSpot to control for quality of data. They do this by verifying the email field has a valid and accurate address before syncing the contact into HubSpot. Naturally, this is very practical because a contact record without an email address is not very useful in a robust marketing automation system like HubSpot.


    “Bedrock enabled us to get immense value out of HubSpot by creating a seamless integration with our existing NetSuite CRM.  We wouldn't be able to use HubSpot and NetSuite nearly as effectively without integrating them through Bedrock Data's platform.” – Amber Newman, VP Marketing AMTdirect.

    • I was delighted to make the switch to HubSpot to run marketing, but the rest of our business is run on NetSuite, so it was imperative that the two be integrated.

      Amber Newman

      VP of Marketing


    • Hubspot and Bedrock Data have two of the best customer care teams I have ever encountered. I thought that getting the integration perfect would be difficult, but thanks to the excellent support I received, it just wasn't.

      - Amber Newman

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