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Springly Gains Efficiency With Hubspot

Springly chose HubSpot to accompany its rapid growth. Since implementing HubSpot, Springly has built an effective inbound marketing strategy to achieve the growth it desired.

  • 100% increase in leads in 3 months

  • 106% increased pre-sales


Springly offers complete management software adapted to the nonprofit sector’s needs—CRM, website creation, or even donation management.


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    The Challenge: Optimizing The Effectiveness Of Inbound Marketing.

    Springly has experienced substantial development that allowed it to complete a fundraising campaign in 2017, after five years of sustained growth. At this pivotal moment, the company wanted to take its digital strategy to the next level and chose HubSpot to accelerate its growth.

    Already aware of inbound marketing, Springly's founders were convinced of this strategy’s added value and, from the beginning, focused their efforts on content creation.

    “Inbound marketing was our strong point, and we easily managed to generate new contacts. The next step identified was to optimize our CRM processes. As a small team, all our tasks were manual and time-consuming before HubSpot.”

    Therefore, with their eyes on growth, the Springly team began using HubSpot tools to automate all its activities and convert more and more leads into customers.

    “One of our co-founders was an avid reader of articles published by HubSpot and believed in its potential. For my part, I had already had the opportunity to use HubSpot Marketing. When we decided to find a marketing automation solution, it was obvious that HubSpot was the best choice.”

    For this fast-growing dynamic startup, it was essential to have one source of truth. Springly did not want a lack of synchronization between its CRM and marketing automation activities.

    Adopting both HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub products then allowed Springly to improve sales and marketing alignment.

    “In my previous professional experience, we were using two different tools for CRM and marketing, and our efficiency suffered. Being able to use two tools developed by HubSpot in synergy has helped to speed up our marketing activities.”

    Increase The Number Of Leads With Hubspot's Marketing Automation Tool

    From its start, Springly has had no difficulty attracting qualified leads and prospects, thanks to the inbound marketing strategy put in place by its founders. However, the CRM processes that were in place slowed these leads’ progression through the conversion funnel. By adopting the marketing automation software in Marketing Hub, Springly wanted to drastically reduce the time spent contacting its leads and, at the same time, generate the most product trial requests from prospects.

    “In 3 months of use, thanks to the time savings and functionalities of the HubSpot tool, we have increased the number of leads tenfold, which was perfectly in line with Springly's target growth rate.”

    “The support of our HubSpot Account Manager helped us identify the best features to meet our specific needs and implement our strategy.”

    Exploring New Opportunities To Support Growth

    The tools and resources available to Springly before adopting HubSpot slowed reporting and made it difficult to set up tests. Today, the data provided by the tools in Marketing Hub help build more bridges between the company's marketing and sales teams.

    “We didn't want to test because of a lack of time and data. Thanks to the suite of tools in HubSpot, we can now focus on optimizing our strategy and on new tests to be launched with the sales team as we go along.”

    As soon as the marketing team completed implementation, they focused on creating workflows from the content already made by the team. The tool’s functionality to link the company's Facebook account to this HubSpot tool was also an opportunity to automate the lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns created on the social network.

    “In particular, we set up workflow sequences allowing us to contact nonprofit managers again after they have uploaded content to our site.” “I would recommend HubSpot for its simplicity of use, ease of use, and fast results. The workflow creation feature is particularly intuitive and efficient.”

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    Start Growing With HubSpot Today

    With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, growing your business with HubSpot has never been easier.