Bell Performance

100-Year-Old Manufacturing Company Bell Performance Continues to Grow With Inbound

Bell Performance was challenged with increasing industry influence over their large competitors. The company turned to HubSpot's partner Top Line Results to create a marketing strategy that would allow for the most impact in the marketplace. Bell Performance was challenged with increasing industry influence over their large competitors. The company turned to HubSpot's partner Top Line Results to create a marketing strategy that would allow for the most impact in the marketplace.

1,375 New Online Customers

620% increase in website traffic

9,000 new leads


Erik Bjornstad, the Director of Technical Sales at Bell Performance says, “We’re a small company that thinks big. As such, we have to know what’s going to make the biggest impact for us relative to what our larger competition is doing. As we progressed on this journey, we wanted to expand our influence by sharing helpful content and increase the number of people that knew about Bell. If you’re familiar with marketing best practices, you might recognize this as Inbound Marketing - that’s what we knew we had to get right in order to have the most impact in a marketplace that looks really different from how it was twenty or thirty or more years ago. The increased feedback pulled from our target audience guided us in shifting to creating more detailed and specific content to help people solve very specific fuel-related problems. This ongoing strategy is guided by a detailed understanding of how people search for information online and being there when they look.” Bell Performance continues to work with HubSpot Gold Certified  Partner Top Line Results, and together with Todd Hockenberry, to develop a marketing plan supported by the key elements of Inbound marketing including ongoing content creation, optimization, and engagement initiatives.

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How HubSpot and Top Line Results helped

"HubSpot continues to help us to differentiate ourselves in a crowded marketplace."

“Our goal was and still is to create a significant online presence that generates sales revenue, educates consumers and businesses, and convinces them to allow us to help them with their fuel-related issues. Top Line Results continues to lead us to achieve those goals by helping us build on our HubSpot marketing platform and process, along with helping us create amazing content that continues to expand our presence online,” says Glenn Williams, Bell Performance President. He continues, “we have upgraded to HubSpot Sales Pro and all of our team relies on it to deliver our centralized view of the customer and our relationships. HubSpot CRM extends our ability to understand how and when to deliver value for our contacts. It is just how we do business now.”

Erik Bjornstad added “I really don’t think we would be in the favorable position we’re in today without both the best-practice Hubspot tools and Top Line Result’s outstanding guidance. They took a company with very little knowledge about what it takes to market and promote our business in today’s new marketplace and helped transform us into the company we are today, in the best position to succeed as possible.”

“We continue to work with Top Line Results to implement inbound marketing and they are the single biggest contributor to the ongoing success of our online marketing efforts.“ states Mr. Williams.

When Bell Performance and Top Line Results teamed up 9+ years ago, their collaboration began with a specific goal: identify customer personas for Bell Performance’s target audiences and create a system to reach them.

Todd Hockenberry, director of Top Line Results, says “one of the most important things we continue to do as HubSpot partner with Bell Performance is to relentlessly talk to and understand the changing needs of the target customer personas and focus on them in everything we do.”

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Why should a business use HubSpot?

“HubSpot has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from our much-larger and more resourced competitors. Our competitors don’t have focused strategies centered on the topics that consumers are looking for. We do that, and the benefits have been significant.” - Erik Bjornstad, Bell Performance.

About Bell Performance

Bell Performance is a manufacturer of fuel additives and treatments for consumers and businesses.

Industry: Manufacturing

Company Size: Small-Business 1-25 employees

Location: United States

Software: Marketing, CRM

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