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Wheel The World Achieves a 65% Increase in Bookings by Leveraging HubSpot's Google Ads Integration

See how Wheel the World securely integrates HubSpot CRM with Google Ads to better share their vision of accessible travel for all.

  • +65% Increase in bookings

  • 23% Growth in leads

  • 64% Decrease in CPL

Wheel the World

Wheel the World is an online travel agency that offers travel experiences for people with disabilities and older adults based on their accessibility needs. They work with local partners around the world to provide inclusive tours and activities that enable everyone to explore new destinations, try new things, and connect with other travelers.


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    Wheel The World Achieves a 65% Increase in Bookings by Leveraging HubSpot's Google Ads Integration

    Wheel The World is a unique travel company focused on providing accessible travel experiences for people with disabilities. With over 1 billion people worldwide experiencing disabilities that affect mobility and travel, Wheel The World recognized the opportunity to provide a solution for those seeking inclusive travel. 

    However, reaching their target market posed a challenge. Wheel The World's target market is a niche market, consisting of customers and companions seeking accessible travel experiences. To identify high-intent leads, Wheel The World needed to understand how to connect and earn the trust of their customers.  

    To overcome these challenges, Wheel The World turned to HubSpot. They utilized the platform to organize their CRM data and connect customer interactions during their lead to sale journey. HubSpot's Google Ads integration allowed them to leverage first-party data and identify which marketing flows were most efficient for the business.

    The results were impressive. With HubSpot's help, Wheel The World was able to scale their customer base with newfound quality and expand their accessibility community reach. The company's marketing efforts were better understood, allowing Wheel The World to track initiatives, improve efficiency and performance. 

    Additionally, with Google's Offline Conversion Imports feature in HubSpot, Wheel The World could fill gaps in the 30% of bookings made offline. 

    Ultimately, Wheel The World's strategic partnership with HubSpot and Google Ads, led to a 65% increase in bookings, changing people's lives by expanding access to travel experiences that were once impossible. Wheel The World's vision and purpose align with making the world accessible to everyone.

    Using HubSpot Google Ads integration enables us to use our first party data to identify which leads become clients and which marketing flows are most efficient.

    Andrés Villagrán

    Head of Marketing

    Wheel the World

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