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CallTrackingMetrics Improves Lead Volume & Quality via HubSpot

Through HubSpot, they have been able to leverage Ads Optimization events to share CRM data with Google and optimize campaigns to generate the most valuable leads for their business.

  • 101% increase in marketing qualified leads

  • 63% increase in qualified leads


CallTrackingMetrics is a leading inbound call tracking software. Their mission is to help businesses around the world make more meaningful connections with their customers.


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    Finding The Right Platform

    CallTrackingMetrics is a SaaS company that empowers businesses with innovative communication tools to unify their organizations and accelerate their growth. They help customer-facing teams track attribution to conversions that happen off-line, such as on calls, texts, and live chats, as well as offering full contact center capabilities.

    “Our company is striving to help people communicate better and spend their resources more wisely," said Chris Todd, Senior Demand Generation Manager at CallTrackingMetrics.

    The marketing team at CallTrackingMetrics made the switch to HubSpot to gain more control over prospecting and nurturing customers, primarily via a strong integration with Salesforce.

    “Having that control in marketing and being able to see all the different pieces moving is what made us move to HubSpot Marketing Hub. The user-friendly, self-service interface also really appealed much more to us. HubSpot was a much easier platform for our team to use." said Chris.

    Best-In-Class Advertising

    Along with a move away from agency partners in favor of internal resources, the Marketing team at CallTrackingMetrics now uses HubSpot extensively for building landing pages, setting up email workflows, and automated lead nurturing. Digital Advertising is also a big part of their overall marketing strategy. They found that by using the Ads tool in HubSpot, they could consolidate and report on their ads data more effectively, automate lead follow up more efficiently, and build custom HubSpot audiences for targeting or exclusion in campaigns.

    “The Ads tool in Marketing Hub adds another level of insight for us. The quality of the data is great, building reports is easy and intuitive, and I can quickly pull up and reference the reports when I’m in a meeting,” said Lisa Salvatore, Senior Paid Media Manager.

    Digging into conversions is where the ads tool comes to life for CallTrackingMetrics. Being able to track a lead through the full customer life cycle is vital for their team.

    Reaping the Rewards of Offline Conversion Tracking

    Before using HubSpot, Chris’s team was importing offline conversion data from Salesforce to inform their ads. Using offline conversion data, such as a change in the contact life cycle, helps Google optimize for the best conversions, which means ads are more targeted and effective.

    However, the Salesforce integration was limited by their internal funnel process. The main issue was with Salesforce housing their lower funnel opportunities, and finding an offline conversion event with enough volume for effective smart bidding was challenging. Another challenge was the fact that the marketing team didn't work work regularly in Salesforce.

    They were already using HubSpot’s Ad tools in a variety of ways, and the team started to wish HubSpot had a similar integration to Salesforce for importing their full-funnel conversions directly into Google Ads.

    “With HubSpot, I generally find when I need something, there's a new release that solves for it within the next couple of months. I was trying to enhance our Salesforce data, and our Customer Success Manager told me about the new HubSpot and Google Offline Conversion tracking integration. We were in! Google counts for a large big percentage of our ad spend, so it is really important for us to have a tight integration with HubSpot.”

    Using the Ads tool in Marketing Hub, CallTrackingMetrics gained more control over the quality of their leads at each lifecycle stage. The team also now spends more time optimizing ads for the most crucial conversion types.

    “In our industry, our keywords around ‘call tracking’ can mean a lot of things, which means we get a lot of noise. Being able to weed that out by informing Google of contacts’ lifecycle stages is helping us get much more targeted.”

    From September 2019 to September 2020, CallTrackingMetrics saw a 101% increase in Marketing Qualified leads vs. the previous year. They also saw a 63% increase in qualified leads.

    Instead of just optimizing for smart bidding to Google conversions or form fills, they can now optimize for MQL conversions and get better quality results.

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