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Collective.work increases its customer base by 30% in 4 months with HubSpot.

Collective.work is a platform specializing in connecting companies with multidisciplinary freelance collectives. Created in 2021, it has already referenced 1,000 groups and assisted over 2,000 clients. One of its initial painpoints was to offer a better customer experience to companies turning to Collective.work. To do this, the platform chose the HubSpot solution, opting in particular for the CRM platform, with the Marketing Hub and the Sales Hub.

  • +30% increase in turnover and # of customers in 4 months

  • +20% increase in the number of leads generated

  • Better knowledge of customer needs and expectations


Collective.work is the only platform that allows companies to entrust their projects to multidisciplinary freelance collectives. The latter work in various fields of expertise, such as tech and development, marketing and growth, business and consulting, product and design, as well as data and artificial intelligence. Created in 2021, the platform refers to 1,000 collectives and has helped more than 2,000 companies.


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    Objectives of the HubSpot implementation at Collective.work

    Due to rapid growth, Collective.work's teams were faced with various challenges. Firstly, the centralization of contacts and the monitoring of their status required better organization. Secondly, the sales pipeline and prospecting processes needed to be optimized, with the aim of becoming more efficient and relevant. Finally, the production of analytical reports based on the platform's data needed to be streamlined. Overall, the main objective was to offer a better customer experience to companies turning to Collective.work.

    Collective.work teams have been using HubSpot since January 2022. Before turning to this software, several tools were used to act as CRM. These included Google Sheets, Notion and Folk. However, when it came to marketing automation, no process had been set up. As a result, the platform quickly faced major challenges, which required the implementation of a complete solution.

    Firstly, Collective.work aimed to centralize its contacts in a single tool. This would allow them to better track their status, whether they were prospects or customers, and also to learn more about the actions that had already been taken internally. To do this, the teams wanted to keep a record of the conversations with these multiple contacts, while respecting the rules of confidentiality and data storage. The aim was to increase efficiency and limit repeated and sometimes unwanted calls.

    Secondly, there was a real desire to better control the sales pipeline, in particular by drawing up different deals. At the same time, the marketing teams wanted to create emailing sequences to develop prospecting in the long term and provide a better framework for the nurturing of prospects and customers. Lastly, due to rapid growth, it was essential to rely on reliable analytical reports, processing the multiple data collected through the various actions mentioned above.

    HubSpot was chosen after a comparison of several CRM tools. This solution stood out from the others thanks to the functionalities it offers, its ease of implementation and use, but also its particularly attractive prices for a young company


    Collective.work's use of the HubSpot solutions

    The implementation of HubSpot at Collective.work took place in January 2022, when the platform was still a young company. The objectives were clear: to track lead generation, improve sales processes and optimize the customer experience. To address these issues, the teams decided to centralize their data in a single tool, namely HubSpot CRM. This simplifies exchanges and offers better responsiveness to prospects and customers, but also increases efficiency by automating low value-added tasks.

    Thanks to the Marketing Hub, the company was able to significantly increase the conversion of its leads generated by an inbound marketing strategy. Indeed, the tool facilitated the tracking of visitors to Collective.work's website and the impact of call to actions (CTAs). The implementation of automated tasks, such as workflows and email sequences, has also contributed to better lead management. Teams are saving an average of one hour per day since they started using marketing automation. For example, they use the Marketing Hub to design and send newsletters to clients and freelance partners, to create templates and landing pages, and to monitor site performance.

    The Sales Hub, on the other hand, is very useful to develop Collective.work's business in a sustainable way. It has enabled the development of personalized emailing sequences with a multi-channel approach. It includes LinkedIn, calls and emails. At the same time, the sales pipeline was optimized, with steps adapted to the company's sales cycles and processes. Finally, the dashboards contribute to a better follow-up of customers once a project is completed, as well as a thorough analysis of the performance of each team and each member according to predefined KPIs.


    Collective.work results and projects

    The implementation of the HubSpot solution has enabled Collective.work to increase its turnover and number of clients by 30% in 4 months.

    At the same time, the automation of certain tasks and the optimization of internal processes has enabled the teams to become more efficient and to focus on high value-added actions. As a result, they can significantly improve the quality of their customer service and focus their efforts on a better understanding of the problems encountered by their prospects. This has led to a 20% increase in leads generated by their emailing sequences.

    In the future, Collective.work plans to accelerate the implementation of its marketing automation strategy. The aim is to further improve its lead generation process and extend its reach.

    All in all, the teams are fully satisfied with the services offered by HubSpot. They appreciate both the variety of features and the ease of use, not to mention the personal support provided during and after the implementation of the software. All the company's departments have adopted this tool, which now serves as a source of truth for all actions taken.

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