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Colnago leverages a constantly updated platform to optimize Customer Experience

Impresoft Engage, through HubSpot Smart CRM, has created a digital architecture capable of helping Colnago, an iconic Italian cycling brand, improve its customer service. Through the platform, the company can now monitor all products available on the market, track their ownership changes and other relevant information. This enables the company to make its marketing and promotion activities more efficient, as well as enhance its customer support service.

  • +30K customer engaged

  • 1 ecommerce advanced integration

  • 5 external data sources integration


Colnago Ernesto & C. S.r.l., known as Colnago, is a manufacturer of high-end road-racing bicycles founded near Milano in Cambiago, Italy, in 1954. The company first became known for high quality steel framed bicycles suitable for the demanding environment of professional racing, and later as one of the more creative cycling manufacturers responsible for innovations in design and experimentation with new and diverse materials including carbon fibre, now a mainstay of modern bicycle construction.


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                                        The Challenge and Goals

    Colnago bicycles are true design masterpieces, produced in limited series and tracked on the blockchain through dedicated NFC tags. Data related to each bicycle is stored in an external database, recording ownership transfers, purchased and installed spare parts, owners' participation in races and sports events, and more. 

    Colnago, aware of the importance of using this data effectively to improve its customers' experience, turned to Impresoft Engage for support in creating a platform capable of integrating all this information and making it available in real-time. 

    Impresoft Engage played a pivotal role in developing a robust platform using HubSpot Smart CRM. This platform seamlessly integrates data collected from the blockchain with information stored in the company's database, as well as data gathered through the e-commerce platform on the website. 

    This strategic intervention by Impresoft Engage not only streamlined the internal workflows of Colnago but also elevated the level of service provided to customers. The result was an enhanced and more satisfying customer experience, ultimately fostering a transformation of customers into enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

                                                   The Solution

    Impresoft Engage intervention focused on building a digital architecture that allowed for the collection of all data related to Colnago products in a constantly updated platform, creating true "identity cards" for each bicycle produced by the company. 

    Through HubSpot Smart CRM, it was possible to converge all data from the blockchain, the Colnago website's e-commerce, and the company's management system into the HubSpot platform. This enabled the company to have a real-time snapshot of the status of all bicycles it produced and all its current and past customers.

    Today, these insights empower Colnago to offer a tailored experience to all customers based on their activities and preferences. It simplifies customer support activities and enables targeted communication initiatives, including event invitations and the introduction of new products.

                                                       Key Points

    Impresoft Engage intervention is ongoing and will be further developed in the future. The main project phases include:

    1. Construction of the necessary architecture: creating the architecture within HubSpot CRM to generate Colnago bicycle identity cards. Constant access to data related to individual products has been the starting point for all activities carried out by Impresoft Engage.
    2. Integration of customer profiles and e-commerce data: incorporating customer profiles and data collected through the Colnago website's e-commerce. This additional information has allowed the integration of bicycle identity cards with customer profiles, gathering insights into purchase histories, interest in specific products or events, and more.
    3. Insertion of data for potential users: utilizing HubSpot Smart CRM to collect data related to the use of the configurator on the company's website. This will enable targeted communication activities directed at users who, while not yet owners of a Colnago bicycle, have expressed interest in the product.
    4. Enhancement of customer support activities: Integrating blockchain-stored data into HubSpot Service Hub to simplify service activities. This allows employees to access customer and vehicle records at any time when assistance is requested.
    5. Implementation of targeted communication activities: In 2024, HubSpot Marketing Hub will be activated. This will enable Colnago to conduct email marketing, email retargeting, event invitations, product launches, and more, further customizing the experience for each customer.
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