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A new customized CRM for Arduino, the global leader in open-source hardware and software

Impresoft Engage, in partnership with HubSpot, empowered Arduino with a new, personalized CRM solution. This tailored system streamlined and optimized internal processes for marketing and sales management, leveraging HubSpot's robust platform capabilities.


Arduino is a leading company in the production and distribution of hardware and software components for the IT sector. The company, based in Italy with a network of foreign branches, including one in the United States, serves both large corporate groups and educational institutions. Arduino offers technological solutions known for easy accessibility and a high level of customization.


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                                             The Challenge and Goals

    Arduino, a solid and structured company with clear development goals, sought Impresoft Engage support in implementing and customizing a new CRM. The aim was to streamline and centralize customer data management. The intervention had clear objectives: optimize the management of different workflows, enhance the effectiveness of customer proposals, and simplify forecasting for complex projects that could span several years. 

    Arduino stands out for its presence in various spheres, combining an industrial component focused on prototyping and scalable actions, an educational commitment through tools and resources for learning electronics and programming, and a part dedicated to the DIY (Do It Yourself). This last aspect reflects Arduino's open and accessible approach, encouraging enthusiasts to create and share projects. 

    Since the company positions itself as a catalyst in technological innovation, offering solutions and platforms ranging from education to industry and individual creativity, one of the main challenges was to fully understand the needs of a company that has so many peculiarities.

    Arduino was already familiar with HubSpot's capabilities, and the decision to use HubSpot Smart CRM was straightforward due to previous positive experiences. Impresoft Engage was engaged to specifically customize the platform.

                                                The Solution

    Impresoft Engage provided and customized the CRM, integrated with HubSpot Sales Hub and HubSpot Marketing Hub (both with professional licenses). The new CRM facilitates easy and immediate management of customer records, correspondence activities, and incoming leads for potential new users, carefully qualified using their sales qualification framework. 

    The CRM was meticulously customized to meet Arduino's specific needs. All company employees immediately benefited from its capabilities, ensuring seamless integration with data from the previously used company management system. This enabled the inclusion of not only data from approximately 8,500 contacts (corresponding to around 3,500 companies) but also information on over 4,000 completed deals. Arduino now possesses a comprehensive and up-to-date database that goes beyond current situations, including data on closed deals. 

    The CRM works seamlessly as a support for the Sales department. Within a few months, data on approximately 200 new deals were entered into the platform, well-configured and correctly linked to corresponding contacts. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the provided tool and the client's strong motivation to use it to its full potential. Impresoft Engage continues its collaboration with Arduino, with ongoing projects focusing on the development of reporting functionalities and continuous implementation of the tool in sales automation. Marketing, through HubSpot Marketing Hub, is also set for further implementation to enhance communication actions with customers and potentials.

                                                            Key Points

    Impresoft Engage intervention unfolded in several successive phases, paving the way for a long-term partnership:

    1. Analysis: started with an analysis of the client's Sales team processes, particularly examining sales pipelines and defining buyer persona profiles. 
    2. Platform configuration: based on analysis results, Impresoft Engage customized the platform, particularly focusing on lead qualification phases in the presale stage. 
    3. Lead scoring: implemented features such as playbooks and sequences to support the sales area in lead analysis, concretely evaluating the potential of each contact and optimizing efforts in relationship development. 
    4. Integration development with external tools: we responded to Arduino's request to integrate the HubSpot platform with other tools used by external partners, such as an external CDP (Customer Data Platform) and NetSuite management integration with their custom platforms.
    I collaborated with Impresoft Engage on the implementation of the HubSpot CRM. They were extremely effective both in the preliminary study phase and in the subsequent stages of implementation, launch, and adjustment

    Renato Zanovello

    Enterprise Channel Sales Director

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