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How the Switch to HubSpot CRM Revolutionized Customer Acquisition, Doubling Efficiency and Conversion Rates

Discover how ConTe.it Pet Insurance, together with the coordinated efforts of Exelab, through the adoption of HubSpot and a marketing and sales process optimized according to user habits, achieved exceptional results

ConTe.it Assicurazioni Cane e Gatto

ConTe.it Assicurazioni Cane e Gatto is an Italian-rooted international start-up, born from ConTe.it, a leading intermediary in car and motorcycle insurance. They now offer personalized insurance for dogs, cats, and their owners, diversifying their portfolio and pursuing ambitious growth objectives.


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    The Challenge and Goals

    They recognized that the pet market had a limited understanding of the "insurance" product, and it was therefore necessary to educate users. However, educating a market requires significant investments, and often, generic communication aimed at a large number of people risks losing effectiveness and dissipating the available budget.

    To address this issue, the team understood that the only way to achieve effective results was to carry out precise and targeted user segmentation, in order to communicate in a specific and timely manner, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

    In particular, it was crucial to know accurately:

    • Who they were addressing;
    • How many times they had already interacted with them;
    • Which actions they had taken online;
    • From which touch point they had made contact with the company;
    • what their specific needs were;

    The Solution

    The first step taken by the ConTe.it Assicurazioni Cane e Gatto team was to understand that the management system was not the right tool for building customer relationships.

    The management system provided information only on customer acquisition and purchase, but did not provide any information on what happened in between.

    Without this data, it was impossible to know the customer and facilitate conversion.

    Through the collaboration with Exelab, HubSpot system integrator partner in Italy, HubSpot was implemented and 'sensors' were placed at every user touch point, enabling a precise comprehension of their movements and interactions.

    Answers were given to the questions: where do they come from? How do they behave? What actions have they taken?

    Additionally, automatic communications were implemented through a structured email marketing project.

    The management system was used for its main functions: selling and issuing insurance policies, while the focus with the CRM was on customer management.

    Users were segmented based on specific criteria, resulting in a significant improvement in the main observed KPIs: open rate, click-through rate and conversion rate.

    Furthermore, specific automatic email workflows were set up based on the user's awareness level and the stage of the customer journey they were in, contributing to further improving the conversion rate.

    Key Points

    The main company goal was to create and automate customer-facing processes, as well as centralizing all activities within the HubSpot CRM.

    Exelab used HubSpot's CMS to create ConTe.it Assicurazioni Cane e Gatto website, thus ensuring maximum integration between the CRM and the site itself.

    Moreover, every piece of data and information is centralized in HubSpot, allowing the team to manage the main business processes from a single tool.

    It has also been developed the purchase funnel within HubSpot to improve the user experience and developed a marketing automation system to support sales and customer service processes and to recover customers who get lost during the purchase process.

    Furthermore, a complete integration was developed between HubSpot and the system for the automated management of policy issuance and a real-time view of the main data for the analysis and optimization of sales flows.

    Finally, they created customized landing pages and a discount code generation system manageable directly from HubSpot to increase the conversion rate.

    We initially aimed to sell the new product at the lowest price, but realized via CRM insights, that our customers value high service levels more than low prices.

    Francesco Miglietta

    Head of Pet Insurance

    ConTe.It Admiral Group

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