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Effe Perfect Wellness achieves full lead management cycle from lead generation to sale with HubSpot

Effe Perfect Wellness, an Italian sauna and hammam manufacturer, collaborated with DMA and HubSpot to enhance lead management and streamline their sales process.

  • +40% Year-over-Year increase in orders

  • 825% Return on Investment (ROI) for marketing activities

  • 60% reduction in quotation closure time

Effe Perfect Wellness

Effe Perfect Wellness, later referred to as Effe, is a company that since 1987 has been exclusively dedicated to the production and design of saunas and Turkish baths, using cutting-edge technologies and strictly adhering to the craftsmanship of Made in Italy.


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    Challenges and goals in closing the lead management cycle

    Effe Perfect had the need to generate and distribute highly qualified leads to its sales team, which is composed of internal sales, area managers, agents, and retailers. At the same time, it aimed to rigorously monitor the handling of these contacts and track whether they resulted in negotiations and, if so, the outcome.

    "We could spend hundreds of thousands of euros to participate in a trade show, but we were unable to determine the impact on sales", says Marco Borghetti, CEO of Effe Perfect Wellness. “Our internal sales department and our field agents constantly asked for more leads, and we knew we had to do something to meet their demands."

    To address these challenges, Effe Perfect opted to utilize HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot Sales as their tools of choice and appointed their longtime collaboration DMA, a HubSpot's Diamond agency as their partner on the project.

    Provide qualified leads to the sales network

    Effe Perfect Wellness knew that to provide more qualified leads, they needed to have a better grasp of the online behavior of their prospects. Their exclusive clientele was difficult to approach for references, though, so they asked DMA to track online behavior using Google Analytics, anonymous surveys, LinkedIn messages, and so forth.

    This wealth of data led to the creation of three buyer personas, representing an architect, contractor, and private individual interested in a sauna or hammam for their residence. Based on these buyer personas, three different content magnets were developed and distributed on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, website effe.it and the existing prospect database.

    This Italian company asked DMA to integrate with these contents a flow of email marketing automation implemented on HubSpot. At the end of these communications, there was a link to schedule a call, directly generating a deal in the sales pipeline.

    Managing the influx of new opportunities

    This strategy was an immediate success and Effe Perfect Wellness soon found the need to monitor the business opportunities created by this sales funnel, and to achieve this, the collaboration of the entire network of agents was essential. 

    This was because the sales flow involved numerous players: Effe's internal marketing team, which generated the lead through the DMA strategy; the internal sales team that supervised the process, the area sales team that received the contact, qualified it, and, if it was promising, passed it onto the local retailer; and finally, the retailer who had the opportunity to actually close the sale.

    The first step taken by Effe Perfect Wellness was to task DMA with a persuasive initiative aimed at helping the sales representatives understand that acting as a filter for retailers to obtain information on whether the sent lead had been converted into a sale was an advantage for them as well. 

    The process involved several plenary meetings and training sessions on HubSpot and concluded with an adoption rate of HubSpot close to 90%.

    CPQ solution

    To make quoting easier and give our sales team more freedom, DMA created a tool called CPQ (Configure Price Quote) integrated with HubSpot. Now, Effe's retailers and distributors can quickly create personalized quotes using a simple web app. 

    This saves time, reduces mistakes, and keeps customer service and tech support out of the loop. Plus, all quotes look consistent and show off Effe's brand and strengths.

    The best part? Every quote goes straight into HubSpot as a deal, so salespeople can stay on top of things. 

    In the last two years, this tool has helped us make over 2000 quotes and process 450 orders.


    “Our sales representatives and retailers are engaging in more profitable negotiations with potential customers. They are not just responding to inquiries from curious individuals; they are receiving informed and detailed requests, and they have more data about the people they are talking to,” says Marco Borghetti, CEO of Effe Perfect Wellness.

    “For example, if one of our buyer personas is interested in a product that is temporarily unavailable, we can offer them something else based on the data of their behavior stored by HubSpot on our site. In other words, we can adapt to their needs. Without this knowledge, there would be at least a 50% chance of losing that project.”

    In two years, this project led to +40% Year-over-Year increase in orders, 825% return on Investment (ROI) for marketing activities and a crucial 60% reduction in quotation closure time.


    We have been working with the DMA team to optimize our marketing and sales processes, and this collaboration continues to date. They possess the ideal blend of technical and business expertise to maximize the effectiveness of each initiative. With their assistance, we have successfully implemented an Inbound strategy supported by the utilization of CRM across our entire agent network, providing us with complete control over the entire lead management process - from contact generation through marketing campaigns to order confirmation.

    Marco Borghetti


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