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Finalcad has six times more traffic with the HubSpot CMS

By adopting HubSpot, Finalcad has been able to take advantage of its numerous integrated features (emailing; web page, campaign, and content management; and social media), which have accelerated its growth.

  • 6x more website traffic

  • +80% turnover on average

  • +50% international traffic


Finalcad is the global leader in digital transformation for construction, infrastructure, energy, and concessions.


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    Use HubSpot to improve marketing activity integration

    Initially, Finalcad communicated on its mobile applications using a simple HTML format website and by sending a few emails via a specific tool. Once the marketing team had been created, the objective was to find a web page management tool to modernize the website and a marketing automation tool for sending emails.

    We chose the content optimization system created by HubSpot and quickly transferred the Finalcad website to it. HubSpot took care of migration, which was pretty fast and meant we could start benefitting from the tool and creating a better user experience for visitors to our website.

    Besides CMS features, it was important to Finalcad to be able to combine the HubSpot solution with external tools including a contact database for sales teams containing qualified contacts and customer opportunities. This was made possible by HubSpot’s integration tools, which allow companies to customize their user experience while benefitting from the best features.

    The possibility of integrating Salesforce to HubSpot was one of the factors we considered when selecting HubSpot. We add all contacts, whether they’re hot or cold, to HubSpot, then we switch them to Salesforce to be processed by the sales teams.

    Finalcad’s main requirement for the tool was ease of use, so actvities could be launched quickly. The possibility of integrating Salesforce to the platform was also a key element, as the company already uses it regularly. So Finalcad opted for HubSpot, which fulfils these criteria.

    The feedback we've had about HubSpot often focuses on ease of use. What I was looking for, and appreciate a great deal, is having a centralized tool that meets more than 80% of my needs.


    A more efficient website developed with the HubSpot CMS

    For almost six months, the Finalcad marketing team would consist of just one person. In these circumstances, and with no one available to develop the website, being able to use a content management tool with numerous associated features was decisive in the company’s growth.

    I needed a CMS and HubSpot seemed to do the job well. The tool also let me manage the CRM, social media, and campaigns from the same place. HubSpot’s complete solution has helped us improve effectiveness, develop our business, and support growth of over 80% annually over the last three years.

    The ease of interaction between the tool’s various features also contributed to Finalcad’s positive user experience. The HubSpot content optimization system aids web page management and covers destination pages, campaigns, emailing, social networks, and performance analysis within the same tool. This reduces transfers and manipulation between different programs.

    It’s clear that this product continues to develop through new features and remains relevant despite its maturity. It gives me everything I need; everything is tracked and integrated in a single tool. That’s something I really like about HubSpot, I don’t have to juggle with lots of tools every time I use it.

    Getting started with the tool was easy and natural for Finalcad thanks to the onboarding process, HubSpot Academy, and self-service tools provided. The company was quickly able to use the emailing, campaign management, social network, blog, and web pages functions with no additional support.

    I believe a good product is self-sufficient and you discover it naturally. That’s what happened with HubSpot; I hardly ever needed help or support. You rarely get stuck as the advantage of the HubSpot solution is that it offers several ways of arriving at the same result. For example, if I’ve just published an article, a button suggests that I share it on social media straight away. Or I can go to the Social menu to share it manually.

    Person using Finalcad on a tablet


    HubSpot supports Finalcad with its account-based marketing strategy

    While Finalcad’s business model is based on traditional lead generation methods (particularly, door-to-door on construction sites, cold calling, and cold emailing), the company has decided to reorient its strategy and use HubSpot to support the change from outbound to inbound marketing.

    In our industry, which is characterized by a lack of digitalization, the volume of requests received through inbound is low compared with other sectors. That's why we intend to use account-based marketing as our new strategy. Our business model is, therefore, no longer based on project-by-project sales but on company sales and key accounts. Inbound tools are essential for this.

    To switch to an account-based concept, Finalcad is using HubSpot to identify the companies that visit its website, compare them with its list of target companies, and analyze their browsing behavior, and their interactions with the content on offer. The company will then be able to confirm or infer their interest in its products and identify weak signals.

    I particularly appreciate being able to make lists of prospects and targets in HubSpot based on identified behavior, which means that we can now create targeted, account-based campaigns. We can also identify companies that we have targeted and that aren’t receptive to our content so we can redirect our efforts. We’re also beginning to use the web page customization options to provide content that is appropriate to our target accounts.

    Finalcad uses the courses offered by HubSpot, the active support, and the extensive user community (including the INBOUND conference and the Paris HubSpot User Group) to raise awareness of its mobile services on work sites and facilitate the digitalization of the construction industry. 

    We recently asked ourselves which tool we should try out to add a chat function to our website. But I realized that HubSpot is bringing out a new chat feature and so the answer is obvious.

    • Aurélien Blaha_0156-1.jpg
      I had heard about HubSpot at conferences and by word of mouth, and I had always received good feedback regarding the quality of the user experience compared to other tools that are complicated to use and require some time to get to grips with.

      Aurélien Blaha

      Marketing Director


    • Aurélien Blaha_0156-1.jpg
      Thanks to the simple functionality of language management in HubSpot, we have been able to exploit it from the start and publish our website in six languages. The distribution of international traffic has, therefore, been turned upside down and we have managed to reach a more international target: in three years we went from 40% international traffic (60% in France) in 2015 to 60% international traffic (40% in France) in 2018.

      - Aurélien Blaha

      Marketing Director


    • Aurélien Blaha_0156-1.jpg
      I’m very pleased we chose HubSpot three years ago. It’s a product that is constantly evolving and doesn’t rest on its laurels. It offers essential marketing functions. It’s a platform I’m happy to use every morning.

      - Aurélien Blaha

      Marketing Director


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