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Glints improves reporting efficiency and increases lead conversion rate by 40% with HubSpot

Glints is a rapidly growing tech company that offers recruitment and career development services to young professionals in Southeast Asia. As the company grew, their sales and marketing teams faced challenges in consolidating reporting, tracking leads through the sales funnel, and optimising their marketing ROI. Since implementing HubSpot, Glints saw significant improvements in their reporting efficiency, and increased lead conversion rates by 40%.

  • 40% increase in lead conversion rate


Glints is the leading talent ecosystem in Southeast Asia. Their mission is to enable the 120 million professionals in the region to grow their careers and empower organisations to hire the right talent from anywhere in Southeast Asia. Founded in 2015 in Singapore, Glints now currently operates in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and Taiwan


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    Fragmented and disjointed reporting processes

    Since its inception in 2015, Glints has expanded to 6 countries across Asia, serving over 4 million users and 50,000 companies. 

    However, rapid expansion and growth came with its own challenges. As the organisation expanded into new markets, every new acquisition team that was set up naturally adopted their own processes such as tracking their deals on separate spreadsheets and internal dashboards. Not only was that a manual and time-consuming process, there was also a high chance for human error. 

    The pain of disjointed tracking processes was felt the most when it was time to build group-level reports. With sales and customer data sitting on different sheets and formats, it was an arduous task to manually consolidate data across different teams and business units to give the organisation a 360 degree view of their business performance. The inefficient reporting process proved to be a huge cost to a high-growth startup which required the agility to make informed decisions rapidly.


    One CRM, One System of Reporting

    The Glints team saw the need to implement a CRM to serve as a single source of truth across all customer-facing teams - including marketing, commercial and account management teams in multiple markets. Glints eventually chose HubSpot as their CRM for the following reasons: 

    1. As a high-growth startup with a lean workforce, Glints needed a platform that was easy to adopt by their salespeople, and could scale with them quickly.

    2. Glints required a platform that could be set up easily; implemented successfully; and run tests and experiments on without the need for developers or staff with a technical background.

    3. They needed a platform that automatically integrated both marketing and sales data to give an always-on picture of their customer journey in real-time.

    4. They required a platform that provided great reporting frameworks and data visualisation templates.

    5. They required a CRM with good quality offline support.

    With the above factors in mind, Glints made the choice to turn HubSpot into their core customer platform.

    Team alignment in a complex organisation

    One of the major benefits of adopting HubSpot was the ease of aligning multiple customer facing teams. As a talent ecosystem operating in 6 different markets, Glints had a pretty complex organisational set-up. Beyond the geographical complexity, their business model in the recruitment space added another layer of complexity. 

    The front-office business was made of 5 core functions:

    1. Sales - to generate leads and opportunities

    2. Commercial - to create and close deals

    3. Fulfilment - to match potential candidates to their customer’s job listings

    4. Account management - to ensure that their clients see long-term success

    5. Customer service - to respond to customer inquiries and platform requests 

    Since using HubSpot, Glints has been able to track all customer touch points logged by the 5 different functions with ease, improving visibility and communication both internally and with their customers. HubSpot’s integration with multiple communication tools - including emails, calls, meetings, and messaging - meant that all interactions were automatically tracked on the platform and visible to all teams.

    “Customer journeys are no longer linear, and complete visibility on customer touch points is crucial to avoid mismanagement of the customer experience. Adopting HubSpot has completely eliminated the chance of duplicate communication, and has enabled our various customer facing teams to communicate the same messaging to our customers. This has significantly improved our customers’ experience with us.” - Nitya Vootla, Regional Business Operations Associate, Glints.


    Increased reporting productivity and accuracy

    Since adopting HubSpot, Glints has not only saved a significant amount of time building reports and tracking business metrics, they are also working with better and sharper insights. “Streamlining our reporting process was a huge priority at Glints. We needed to generate reports and dashboards to track key business metrics in real time without relying on external tools. HubSpot has not only enabled that, but they’ve given us reporting templates and best practices that we can adopt at any given stage,”says Nitya. 


    40% improvement in lead to meeting conversion rate

    Glints operated on a high-touch acquisition funnel where marketing leads had to be engaged regularly and strategically to move them down the funnel. HubSpot’s automated email workflows and ease of contact segmentation enabled the team to engage their leads with targeted, relevant content. The Glints marketing team also implemented lead scoring to give both the sales and marketing team a deeper understanding of lead quality.

    “Due to the high volume of leads marketing is generating, the sales team needed a system to prioritise which leads to follow-up with first. The lead scoring model we’ve built allows us to rank our leads by quality and intent using data collected on HubSpot, and prioritise leads with the highest propensity to convert. Since then, our lead to meeting booked conversion rate has improved by 40%.’ - Yaoguang Han, Regional Product Marketing Lead, Glints.


    Reduced cost of acquisition and better ROI

    Implementing lead scoring on HubSpot also allowed the Glints marketing team to lower their acquisition costs. “With HubSpot, we’re able to identify the marketing channels and sources that are generating high quality leads and drive more investments there. In turn, we’re seeing an improvement in cost of acquisition and marketing ROI.” says Rendy Elzira, Regional Digital Marketing Lead, Glints.

    Customer journeys are no longer linear, and complete visibility on customer touch points is crucial to avoid mismanagement of the customer experience. Adopting HubSpot has eliminated the chance of duplicate communications, and has enabled our various customer facing teams to communicate the same messaging to our customers. This has significantly improved our customers’ experience with us.
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