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With HubSpot, Nuvemshop grew its base by 900% in under 6 months

Nuvemshop was able to increase its number of qualified leads by 238% and grow its subscriber base by more than 900% thanks to HubSpot platform tools

  • 957% (or 9 times more) subscribers captured per week

  • +238% the number of MQLs comparing YoY

  • +400% in marketing automation


One of the top e-commerce platforms in Latin America, with solutions implemented in more than 100,000 active stores. All you need to unify a seller’s key requirements in a single tool. This tool helps entrepreneurs integrate products, payments, and even shipping across different sales channels, like social media or marketplaces.


Company Size:


Use Case:


    Challenge: Expanding e-commerce in Latin America

    Operating in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, Nuvemshop had a big problem integrating in different areas. Specifically, one of its biggest problems was getting Sales and Marketing to work together. In practice, this ended up affecting its customer conversion results.

    The reason was clear: each sector used the tools that best suited their particular needs. This resulted in too many platforms, no (or very little) integration, disorganization, and poor communication between the areas. 

    “Our biggest challenge was integrating two areas: Sales and Marketing. We were divided by tools that only met the needs of one area or the other, and having so many platforms led to disorganization and ineffective communication,” Bruno Fernandes, Global Growth Director

    Once it had identified the problem, Nuvemshop scoured the market for solutions that could aggregate multiple areas into one location.


    The search for integration software

    Nuvemshop professionals soon found one of the most popular solutions on the market: HubSpot. And that’s exactly how the company discovered a complete integration software, thanks to suggestions from other Marketing and Sales professionals. The brand’s reputation, as well as the participation of segment leaders, made the company confident that HubSpot could be trusted.

    But it was another important factor that really tipped the scales: the company did not want to migrate all its information and data. On another occasion migration had disrupted Nuvemshop’s daily activities. 

    “We’d had previous experiences migrating our data, but it created more problems than solutions, which was frustrating. This time we knew we wanted something secure, easy, and inclusive, so HubSpot was always our first choice.” Bruno Fernandes, Global Growth Director

    That, combined with HubSpot’s established track record and reliability, made the company’s decision easy.


    The results of applying Inbound methodology and utilizing HubSpot solutions

    By applying Inbound methodology, Nuvemshop was able carry out more precise actions with a higher market value. 

    By creating an exclusive and downloadable Rich Media page, for example, Nuvemshop could utilize HubSpot to capture and segment out some users based on awareness, then nurture them with personalized strategies.

    Marketing Hub automation and lead nurturing tools made it easy to capture the high-volume traffic attracted by the Nuvemshop website and to nurture it, elevating the brand experience and converting future clients. 

    “This year we’ve already exceeded our entire previous year’s goal for opportunities generated through nurturing strategies. Our optimistic prediction is that we’ll close the year with growth at 137%,” says Bruno. 

    As well as the Marketing Hub advantages described above. Nuvemshop has used more and better criteria to segment their leads database and drive communication more assertively. The Marketing team found that the key factors for this strategy’s success included having an intimate understanding of users’ distinct buyer journeys, tailoring offers to each type of audience, and measuring the results of each action. 

    Some of the results obtained with Marketing Hub include: 

    • 957% (or 9 times more) subscribers captured per week;
    • 238% increase in the number of MQLs YoY;
    • 400% increase in marketing automation. 


    Increased sales in manual tasks as well as automated processes 

    Nuvemshop started using Sales Hub in December, 2021. Since then, the company has implemented CRM configuration so that the sales team can access the information they need on a single platform, using the main objects structure: companies, deals, and contacts. Here, the team also took advantage of automated tools, such as workflows, sequences and activity structures - meetings, calls, tasks - to optimize everyone’s workday. 

    Nuvemshop Next, for its part, grew more than 6 times in the last 12 months, and saw an 80% growth in new contacts over the last quarter. That rapid growth was made possible by the construction of a team (recruitment and training), and by centralizing the operations in CRM, using automation to replace manual tasks and ensuring higher productivity for the team.

    This level of organization has allowed the Nuvemshop Sales team to extract metrics at every level of the funnel to identify bottlenecks and adjust routes collectively and individually.

    The platform also helps the Production team with decision making. Sales Hub’s features help the team chart development roadmaps, and, using “reason for lost business” inputs, they can focus on developing solutions using data collected by the sales team over the previous months, with all their data consolidated in the HubSpot unified platform. 

    “The fact that the team can look at all the results (top, middle, and bottom of the funnel) allows Nuvemshop to focus more on areas for improvement, and to invest their energy where it really matters,” says Bruno.

    Different teams with a single goal

    With a client base of over 100,000 throughout Latin America, Nuvemshop is constantly investing in the efficiency of its many departments. What was missing was integration among sectors, which could translate into more business opportunities in the future. 

    Generating leads, for example, wasn’t hard, but managing those contacts and knowing how to identify the perfect time to pass them on to the Sales team were areas in need of improvement. That was the main advantage HubSpot offered: the professionals at Nuvemshop were able to better control and understand the buyer journey. In practice, that means more business opportunities for the company.

    For example, the means of understanding where the first contact between the potential customer and Nuvemshop occurs. Or, going deeper, understanding how the customer got there in the first place, allowing the company to find better ways to hone their service.

    “Where there’s a lead, we know if the first contact with that individual happened through blog content, how they continued their journey, and where we can improve, as well as other things.” Bruno Fernandes, Global Growth Director

    That’s because integration between Marketing Hub and HubSpot CRM allows teams to visualize the user’s entire journey–from before they were a lead right until they become a customer–with consolidated marketing and sales metrics reports. That makes it possible to understand what content led to the customer’s first contact with Nuvemshop, for example, as well as what led the customer to convert, valuable data for companies who are always seeking to improve the buyer journey.

    These approaches enable Nuvemshop to achieve much coveted integration between the strategies and operations of their inbound marketing and sales teams. This helps the company utilize captured inputs to overcome objections and deliver increasingly qualified leads to their sales team, which, of course, positively affects those customers’ conversion rates.


    A customer-focused strategy

    Thanks to HubSpot, Nuvemshop can now execute an amazing buyer journey for its contact base. With an increasingly integrated vision, Nuvemshop can provide the user with the right content at the perfect moment, be it rich media or even a product offer, perfectly tailored to the profile of each individual.

    • Bruno Fernandes
      We’d had previous experiences migrating our data, but it created more problems than solutions, which was frustrating. This time we knew we wanted something secure, easy, and inclusive, so HubSpot was always our first choice.

      Bruno Fernandes

      Global Growth Director


    • Bruno Fernandes
      This year we’ve already exceeded our entire previous year’s goal for volume of opportunities generated through nurturing strategies. Our optimistic prediction is that we’ll close the year with growth at 137%

      Bruno Fernandes

      Global Growth Director


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