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Mapping a Route to Success With HubSpot

Since switching to HubSpot, iGeolise has increased its website traffic by 10X, while its leads have been boosted by 22X.

  • 22X increase in leads

  • 10X increase in organic website traffic

  • 5X increase in website traffic


iGeolise's API enables thousands of locations on any website or database to be searched by the users’ choice of travel time and transport mode.


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    Seeking the Right Growth Platform

    The TravelTime platform team was on a mission to start capturing and nurturing more leads online. It knew that the right marketing automation software would be crucial, and it tried out both Infusionsoft and SharpSpring. However, it had yet to find its sweet spot.

    “We weren’t as impressed as we hoped that we would be. Infusionsoft wasn’t intuitive. We wanted to be able to understand what was working and what wasn’t,” explains Head of Marketing for the TravelTime platform at iGeolise.

    Louisa’s search for a superlative solution led her to HubSpot Marketing Hub.

    “Its analytic capabilities were awesome. When you’re the one person who is doing the marketing for a whole company, keeping on top of that is very time consuming, and you need to make sure you don’t miss things. With the HubSpot software, everything is collected in the one place.”

    iGeolise was also impressed by how fully featured and easy to use it was.

    “When we used SharpSpring, we still needed to use additional point solutions to supplement our work. That wasn’t an issue with the HubSpot software – it had everything we needed to create a complete inbound strategy. Also, the guidance provided, from the online training to the accessibility of the support team, was also a big draw. We signed up in January 2017.”

    Creating Content That Converts

    iGeolise got started by using HubSpot Marketing Hub to get its content working harder.

    “We want content that is driven to perform, rather than something that is just sitting there. We used the HubSpot content strategy tools to discover the topics that matter to our various B2B personas, and we created clusters of web pages and blog posts around them,” says Louisa.

    Visitors are encouraged to engage through calls-to-action and forms and are then entered into workflows that speak to their interests and stage in the funnel.

    “We’ve got a lot more strategic about what we’re doing. All of our activities feed into each other, and we can monitor how successful we are with Analytics tool in Marketing Hub. The HubSpot CRM also helps us make sure that our hard-won leads don’t slip through the cracks. It gives us a single view of where we are with all our prospects.”

    According to Louisa, all the support and guidance available from HubSpot has helped iGeolise to become a true inbound expert.

    “The HubSpot Academy is fantastic; I find its step-by-step guides so useful. I also know that I can contact HubSpot Support with any specific question that I have. I’ve been blown away by the speed and quality of their responses, especially when compared to the other platform providers that we used. The HubSpot team is a key part of our success.”

    Taking the Fast Lane to Results

    Since signing up with HubSpot, the TravelTime platform has seen considerable increases to its website traffic. Overall visits have increased by more than 5X, while organic visits have jumped by 10X.

    “We’ve had incredible success with lead generation. The path that we’ve created for our prospects resulted in a 22X boost in 15 months.”

    Looking ahead, Louisa plans to use even more of HubSpot Marketing Hub’s advanced features, mainly to evolve its content and SEO strategy.

    “In terms of inbound partners, I can’t think of any other company that does the job better than HubSpot. It has given us a great platform and the fantastic support that we were looking for since day one.”

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    Start Growing With HubSpot Today

    With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, growing your business with HubSpot has never been easier.