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    HubSpot Workflows Automation Beyond Email

    hubspot marketing automation

    You want to nurture your marketing leads to sales-readiness. But how do you streamline your efforts when every lead is different? With HubSpot’s interconnected tools, you can use real-time marketing data to provide relevant, contextual marketing experiences to every contact in your database. This is marketing automation that spans your whole strategy.


    So What Makes Us Different?

    Focus on Goals

    Goals are essential to your marketing automation. HubSpot Workflows are built around your marketing goals to nurture your leads at just the right time with just the right content with context, helping you achieve your goals.

    More Than Email

    HubSpot Workflows can accomplish so much more than just sending emails to prospects. You can use HubSpot to send internal notifications, score leads, and even personalize the content on your website to each viewer.

    Grow Your List

    You can upload a list into any marketing automation tool, but what happens when that list runs low or the addresses erode? HubSpot is a full-funnel marketing platform. We give you tools to grow your list in addition to sending to it.


    Build Automated Workflows Around Your Goals

    HubSpot makes it easy to start building automated workflows from scratch, or in a structured way based around your buyer personas and goals. Here's an example campaign built around a buyer persona — "CIO Charlie".

    goal-oriented campaigns

    Segment with Context

    HubSpot takes everything you know about a lead into context with branching logic to put your leads into the most relevant workflow for them, and keep it personalized along the way.

    Set Goals

    When a lead reaches the set goal, the campaign stops. From there, you can move them to a new campaign, send them to sales, or take other actions.

    Add Steps

    Campaigns can contain as many steps, actions, and delays of any length as you’d like. Actions can range from follow-up emails to internal notifications.

    grow your list

    Grow Your List

    Sending to the same contacts over and over again only goes so far. HubSpot gives you the tools to help you generate new leads so you have a constant stream of prospective customers to nurture.


    HubSpot’s content tools help you attract new visitors, and tools like Landing Pages and CTAs help you convert that traffic into leads.


    HubSpot builds a profile of each lead you’ve captured, so you can easily segment and personalized content to them.


    Easily set criteria to categorize, nurture, and profile your leads based on their specific characteristics and behavior.

    Nurture Beyond Email

    Workflows are tied to every marketing channel, so your leads will see relevant, personalized messages whether they’re at their inbox or on your site.

    nurture beyond email

    Target Your Emails

    As with any Marketing Automation tool, you can send targeted email messages based on the interests, behaviors, and current stage of your prospects.

    Personalize Your Website

    Use smart content and smart calls-to-action on your landing pages and website to show the same targeted messaging your prospects see in your emails.

    Monitor Tailored Lists

    Create targeted lists of important prospects to monitor in social media. Get email alerts when an important prospect mentions you or a keyword on Twitter.


    “HubSpot is a perfect marketing tool for our business because it has the marketing automation power to help us grow our sales pipeline, market presence, and provide effective analytics to understand what’s working and how to fix what’s not.”

    Mark Pendleton, NEC
    Mark Pendleton
    Channel Marketing NEC Corporation of America

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    Because HubSpot integrates your full marketing toolset, you get more out of each component when they work together.



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