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Meritech transforms their Demand Generation Strategy through CRM powered Advertising with HubSpot

Meritech implemented HubSpot CRM powered advertising and increased its leads by 852% in 6 months. They also decreased their cost of acquisition by over 50%.

  • 852% increase in leads over a period of 6 months

  • 50% decrease in cost of acquisition


Meritech is the leader in automated hygiene technology and creator of CleanTech® fully automated handwashing stations that are clinically proven to consistently remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens from hands in just 12 seconds.


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    Adopting the Inbound Playbook

    Meritech is a small technology manufacturing company located in Golden, Colorado, focused on developing and refining automated hygiene technology. The company’s core product is an automated hand-washing system that they’ve been iterating and evolving over the last 30 years.

    “We’ve designed technology that brings engineering and chemistry together to create the perfect hand wash. Now more than ever, it's so important to overcome the risk that’s posed by the variability of human behavior in the hand-washing process. COVID really brought to light how important our hygiene choices are across communities, workplaces, schools, and any venue where we’re connecting” said Jennifer Taylor, Marketing Director at Meritech."

    When Jennifer joined Meritech, she noticed all of the company’s data was spread across multiple different software islands. She knew there would be a huge opportunity in fully integrating their Salesforce CRM data with HubSpot Marketing Hub to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

    "By integrating our CRM data, we were able to fully implement the HubSpot toolset and activate the Inbound demand generation methodology, ultimately yielding a much greater impact to our bottom line.”

    Jennifer also noticed Meritech was still using several outbound marketing tactics to generate leads. “Back then it was a lot of trade shows, buying lists, cold calling and emailing about discount promotions. Very old school sales and marketing. We were working hard— not smart. I knew that to create customer relationships based on value, we needed to fundamentally change our entire marketing approach.”

    CRM powered Advertising

    Jennifer hired two new marketing managers to the team who brought additional expertise as well as additional bandwidth: Abigail Owiesny, digital marketing and PPC guru, and Joe Johnson, front-end developer and content creator extraordinaire. The team were easily able to set up the HubSpot and Salesforce integration to get a full view of their data.

    “Once we aligned our data and turned on our digital marketing engine, it just activated a completely different funnel for us and it couldn't have come at a better time. HubSpot completely changed our strategy in terms of demand generation”.

    The team redesigned their website using the HubSpot CMS in January and also started to increase their paid ad spend. They realized that by using the HubSpot ads tool, they could manage their Google, Facebook and LinkedIn ads all from within HubSpot. They could also combine their ads data with their web analytics and CRM data to make them even more targeted and effective.

    The Meritech team were also able to use lookalike audiences and retargeting lists based on website visitors.

    Full Funnel Reporting

    “Prior to using the HubSpot ads tool, if we were trying to assess the performance of a campaign, we’d have to pull data from all the native platforms, export it, add it to an excel sheet, massage the data to fit our reports and format it into charts to understand it... this could easily take an hour or two."

    “This was also ad-hoc analysis, so there was no way of seeing a trend line of consistent performance to make informed business decisions on what's working and what wasn’t.”

    “We felt like we were making best guesses but not seeing the full picture of ROI.”

    “When we pulled all that data into HubSpot, all it took was a few clicks to set up a dashboard to see all of our campaigns in one view. We could also select various points of attribution like first touch, last touch, influencer etc. which is a huge KPI for us and otherwise impossible to report on."

    Meritech started to test and optimize their PPC campaigns, as well as expand their reach and budget. They started to see a lot of success with these optimizations and through HubSpot, they were able to spin up reports and see how impressions, conversions and contacts were coming into their website and converting through the funnel.

    “We now have full-funnel attribution reporting for our paid ads and it's made a huge difference."

    The HubSpot reporting tool allowed the Meritech team to see a snapshot of which ads influenced their closed, won deals and allowed them to make quick and nimble decisions about campaign spend.

    “We didn't have to spend time manually pulling together all of our data just to calculate performance and see which campaigns we needed to optimize."

    Automated Lead Follow Up

    Meritech also leveraged the marketing automation tools within HubSpot to automatically follow up with leads generated through their different ad campaigns. “If we have a lead that comes through from an ad and completes a form submission, our sales team is automatically notified. They also know that the source was paid advertising and even what campaign it was, so they know we’re working to get them leads.”

    Jennifer’s team completed the full flywheel customer experience by using email workflows combined with their ads to automatically send a personalized message from the sales reps to the leads based on their geographical region.

    “This would not have been possible before we started running all of our data through HubSpot."

    Impressive Results

    Over the last two years, Meritech has transformed not only their marketing strategy but their performance. Meritech’s leads increased by an impressive 852% between H2 in 2019 and H1in 2020. They also decreased their cost of acquisition by over 50%.

    “HubSpot as a platform very much enabled that process because of the breadth and depth of the feature set. HubSpot allowed us to make the journey from a very traditional sales and marketing, very outbound “push” approach to marketing to a completely different inbound strategy that has been vastly more effective for us.”

    “Paid ads are a big part of that—getting our brand awareness and our message out there, inviting people to our website, and then providing a wonderful experience from start to finish. We were able to systematically prop up that experience by leveraging all the different feature sets of HubSpot and igniting our tech stack. It’s been wildly successful for us and we continue to expand and grow."

    “HubSpot has been the mechanism that has allowed us to transform from outbound to inbound, what feels like almost overnight, and with great success."

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