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MyHome Increased Their Closing Rate by 25% After Switching to HubSpot

When MyHome switched to HubSpot, they gained automation and a single view of customer data. Now, they have faster customer support, more consultations booked, a higher sales closing rate, and a faster time to close.

  • 90% Faster project review by client success

  • 20% Higher lead-to-appointment ratio

  • 30% Faster time to close


MyHome is New York City’s leading remodeling and renovation company. Over 20 years, they’ve worked on over 3,000 kitchen, bath, and complete renovation projects in NYC.


Company Size:


Use Case:


    Consolidating data for complex projects

    For over 20 years, MyHome has been a go-to resource for New Yorkers who want to upgrade their living space. From bath and kitchen remodels to full home renovations, MyHome delivers a coordinated, total-care approach that covers the entire renovation experience. 

    Beginning with a detailed consultation, they develop custom designs, obtain permits, and order, track and store the materials. Finally, their teams complete the construction and perform a quality assurance assessment to ensure that the work meets rigorous standards and that the homeowner is thrilled.

    These extensive, multi-team projects require numerous layers of data tracking. With their old CRM, MyHome was unable to leverage automations or capture all of a project’s details in a single view. For Client Success Manager Merilin Ajazi, that meant a lot of time was wasted.

    Merilin says, “It was all manual. For any new leads that came in, I had to enter the information, book the meetings, and track the sales journey by hand. The old platform wasn't really detailed, at least from my perspective. We had to use multiple other tools to compensate for what was lacking.”

    Trying to scale without automation

    Those manual processes became untenable when MyHome experienced a surge in demand. It simply wasn’t possible for Merilin and her team to keep up with incoming leads or answer customer questions efficiently.

    She says, “We were going through a really massive growth and needed a more efficient platform to track all of our projects. Team members needed an amalgamated view to quickly see who was working on a project, how much had been paid off, and what phase the project was in. Our old CRM just didn't have that.”

    Slowing down customer support

    MyHome’s renovation experts (the dedicated reps who served as client contacts) were disheartened that their CRM setup prevented them from giving the quickest, most helpful service.

    “When a client had an issue occurring in their project, we wanted to come to the conversation prepared. But our system made that difficult,” Merilin says.

    Project information was not connected in an intuitive way, leaving renovation experts struggling to find all the details before they could offer a solution.

    “You had to know the platform extremely well to be able to navigate to all the areas and find out what was going on with a project. And if someone accidentally put some data in the wrong place, you would get stuck. Something like that is going to elevate your client’s frustration.”

    Disparate tools driving human error

    On top of the old, confusing CRM setup, MyHome needed several different tools to satisfy all of their needs. This compounded opportunities for human error.

    Merilin says that Excel sheets were a particular bane.

    “We used spreadsheets to consolidate project info, and it was incredibly challenging to keep all of the details consistent. We had multiple designers, project managers, and others who were entering information in different ways. There were a lot of errors, and it was easy to accidentally delete things.”


    Choosing the HubSpot CRM platform

    MyHome’s marketing team thoroughly researched the options for a new CRM, and HubSpot’s capabilities blew them away.

    Merilin says, “When they announced we were switching to HubSpot, they said it was the best solution out there for a company our size, for our unique needs, and for the relationships that we want to build with our customers.”

    MyHome was confident the full CRM would help them meet their goals and make their jobs easier. So, they implemented all the hubs at once. This included Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub.

    Easy implementation

    Merilin had no hesitations about making the switch to HubSpot.

    “I was excited,” she says. “It was a much larger platform with many more tools, and I knew it was going to make our lives easier.”

    With 20 years’ worth of projects behind them, MyHome had a lot of data to migrate. The heavy lifting was done automatically by HubSpot’s robust integration to the outgoing CRM.


    Managing projects effortlessly

    “I felt pretty confident in the app from the beginning,” Merilin says. “One of my colleagues had extensive experience with HubSpot, and he was a wonderful resource. He showed me some tricks that were going to be crucial in my work.”

    After the migration, Merilin’s role was significantly expanded. She went from managing client onboarding to tracking sales team follow-up, supporting marketing efforts, and overseeing all of the sales and marketing tools.

    She says her scope expansion wouldn’t have been possible without HubSpot.

    “It is so much easier to use and navigate. Having everything on one platform lets me access complete, consistent information. Now I can track all of our deals and contracts, and create automations that streamline our onboarding and account maintenance.”

    Accelerating with integrations

    HubSpot’s integrations have added rocket fuel to MyHome’s marketing, sales, and service operations.

    Merilin says, “The old system was all manual. But with HubSpot, we have all of our platforms synced. For example, we use PandaDoc for our contracts. Once they’re signed by all parties, they get automatically updated in HubSpot. There’s less room for error, and it’s keeping our sales on track.”

    Another valuable HubSpot integration is with Make (formerly Integromat). MyHome uses it to create a wide variety of custom automations.

    Merilin adds, “We also have all of our lead generators synced into HubSpot. It’s incredibly useful, because it automates the bulk of data entry for those new leads.”

    Gaining critical data visibility

    HubSpot completely eliminated the frustration of scrambling through multiple tools to review a project’s status.

    Merilin says, “Before, we weren’t able to see what was going on with a project in one place. Now with HubSpot, I can log into a client’s account and know exactly who the client is, who’s working on their renovation, and what’s going on in their project. Not having to maneuver through nine different pages is definitely saving me time.”

    Better customer experience

    In an industry like construction, where there are so many moving pieces, it’s critical to have a quick and efficient way to help customers when something falls out of place.

    “HubSpot is helping me and my colleagues be 1,000% better prepared on calls with upset clients,” Merilin says. “We can log into their profile in a swift three-key type, find out what’s going on, and start helping right away. We can also log all of our conversation notes right there so the rest of the team is aware of what’s happening.”

    Those client profile notes are saving Merilin from inefficient emails to update teammates.

    “All that time saving allows me to focus on the client. It lets me be a better listener and start finding solutions faster because I’m not distracted with nine other things.”


    25% More deals closed

    Since they switched to HubSpot CRM, MyHome has seen thrilling growth, including 25% more deals closed, 20% more appointments booked per lead, and a 30% faster time to close.

    For Merilin, HubSpot has eliminated onerous manual data entry and given her a quick, reliable way to review projects. She says if they had kept the old, manual processes with their previous CRM, MyHome couldn’t have coped with their rapid growth.

    “I absolutely cannot imagine having the workload that I have now, if I still had to deal with nine different platforms. Without HubSpot as a centralizing point, it would not have been possible.”

    The time savings of having a single source of truth and leveraging powerful automations is letting Merilin not only provide stellar service in client success, but she’s also been able to take on management of several sales, marketing, and operations functions.

    “It’s cut the time it takes me to review a project by 90%, at the very least. I can just click on one contact or project and all the information I need is on that page. Compared to bouncing around multiple pages or multiple sources, it’s much more effective. It’s night and day.”

    To other rapidly growing organizations, she highly recommends HubSpot.

    “It’s been so effective for us. HubSpot has significantly reduced my workload and made our growth a lot more manageable.”

    Our industry was booming, and we needed a stronger platform. HubSpot gave us an easy-to-use, centralized place to manage all our information. It helped us perform better and sell better.
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