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Niswey Accelerates Agency Growth as a HubSpot Partner

Website traffic increased by 113%, and their enhanced sales process and skills generated 48% more leads compared to the previous year. Moreover, 50% of those leads were Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

  • 113% increase in website traffic

  • 48% more leads compared to previous year

  • 50% of leads are Sales Qualified Leads


Niswey delivers ROI-driven digital marketing solutions that enable companies to grow through analytics relevant leads.


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    Finding the Right Platform to Bridge the Gaps

    Before joining the HubSpot program, Niswey relied on referrals and inbound leads in pursuit of clients, however, both the volume and quality of leads generated from their marketing efforts at the time had room for improvement. For example, while they were creating valuable content for their target market, the material was not promoted effectively. The team was apprehensive about promoting their content until they were able to track the ROI from their efforts accurately. There was also the untapped potential of adding email marketing, and social media strategies to their existing lead generation strategy.

    Abhinav and Suma also knew there were gaps and missed opportunities in their sales process, beginning with the need for more efficient tracking, which at the time was done using spreadsheets. Furthermore, the team used a combination of tools that included Mailchimp, Buffer, Moz, and more before moving on to SharpSpring for about six months. In no time the team realized they needed a more integrated and robust platform to execute, track, and measure both their sales and marketing efforts.

    Accelerating Agency Growth with a Solid Process and System

    Following HubSpot philosophy, Niswey was set up for success from day 1 with a smooth transition on to the platform and with ongoing support from their dedicated channel consultant. Coupled with Niswey’s commitment to the Agency Partner Program, they are now a Silver Tier partner, a status that provides them additional exposure within and beyond India, further strengthening their credibility as a digital marketing agency.

    Pivotal to Niswey’s success was Abhinav’s understanding of his agency’s needs and his choice to pick a platform that met those requirements. With the HubSpot platform and partnership secured, he then worked with the team to standardize and scale the agency using solid processes and systems. One critical step was to leverage the training materials and certifications offered by HubSpot. He stressed the importance of being Inbound certified and ensured everyone on the team got certified in the fields he or she specialized.

    Once the marketing arm of the business gained momentum, Abhinav and the team focused on sharpening their sales skills. When HubSpot ran the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp for APAC agency partners, Suma jumped on the opportunity. She noted that the role play sessions helped her overcome all her prospect calling inhibitions, and those skills in return have been a huge leap forward for the entire team as it gave everyone the ability to boldly approach prospects they had already qualified on various parameters using the Inbound Methodology.

    The  bootcamp  helped bridge the sales gaps identified previously and equipped the team to build a defined process to connect and close their qualified leads, and then measuring the process to look for opportunities to improve.

    As for the team’s favourite tools within the HubSpot platform, Abhinav chose Email workflows, Landing pages, and Reporting, but had to admit that more recently, the team is beginning to love the Content Strategy tool. The new tool helps the team not only focus content they create around the topics that matter to their customers, but it also helps them prioritize the topics based on the highest chance of being discovered and ranked.

    Onwards and Upwards for Niswey

    With an all-in-one system in place to align marketing and sales, Abhinav and his team were able to achieve a 113% increase in website traffic in the last six months alone. With the growing number of integrations on the HubSpot platform and a focus on building a CMS for the modern marketer, Niswey is well positioned to achieve further success.

    Moreover, with 48% more leads coming through the sales funnel compared to the previous year and with the sales team qualifying more than 50% of those leads, the team was able to channel their time into offering diversified solutions. Niswey now sees great success in their outsourced services to HubSpot agencies, putting them on a trajectory of continued growth.

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      A couple of years ago, while working with our forward-thinking clients in India, we realized we couldn’t merely be a digital marketing execution agency if our goal was to create continued value for our customers. We knew we had to be aligned with the sales teams of our client’s as well. At the time we had just become a HubSpot partner, so it was clear how a comprehensive platform like HubSpot was necessary to provide such solutions for our clients’ businesses.

      Abhinav Sahai



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      The Inbound Certification courses have helped us significantly. We also experimented with the various functionalities of the tool by trying different tactics, failing, and learning from the entire process. The HubSpot Agency Partner Program and mastermind groups on Facebook also helped us learn from the challenges faced by other companies.

      Abhinav Sahai



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      Our long-term goal is to deliver exceptional services and products that simplify the marketing operations of businesses. Because of HubSpot’s ability to streamline processes and align marketing and sales more efficiently, I’d recommend HubSpot software and the Agency Partner Program to agencies that want to achieve the same goals and success we have thus far.

      Abhinav Sahai



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