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A new CRM for Wilier, a company that produces and sells bicycles and cycling accessories

Impresoft Group partnered with Wilier, a renowned brand in the cycling industry, to revolutionize their CRM strategy. By integrating HubSpot's robust CRM capabilities, Impresoft Group enabled Wilier to consolidate user data into a unified platform. This strategic implementation of HubSpot empowered Wilier to optimize internal processes, leverage existing data more effectively, and make substantial strides in their digital transformation journey.

  • +18,000 contacts engaged

  • +65 Active workflows

  • 3 external databases integration

Wilier Triestina

Wilier Triestina is a company founded in 1906 in Bassano del Grappa (Italy) and has been active in the production and sale of bicycles and cycling accessories.


Company Size:


Use Case:


                                              The Challenge and Goals

    Wilier Triestina reached out to Impresoft Engage seeking their support in building a new website and conducting a series of marketing activities aimed at improving its online presence. At that time, Wilier had decided to focus specifically on the gravel sector and wanted to establish a well-positioned online presence in this specific area.

    HubSpot was strategically chosen as the linchpin solution to address this imperative, serving as the backbone for managing both B2B and B2C interactions. Beyond CRM integration, HubSpot seamlessly fused with Wilier's e-commerce platform, becoming the nexus for post-sale support, product registrations, and customer engagement.  Such an evolution was essential, given the inherent complexity of internal processes for a company like Wilier, which operates with a significant network of dealers in 45 countries worldwide. 

    The e-commerce platform, which has been integrated with the CRM, continues to serve as a reference point for its customers in terms of post-sale support for B2C, starting from the registration of the purchased product.

    Impresoft Engage challenge, thus, was not merely technological but transformative: leveraging HubSpot to usher Wilier into a new era of digital agility and enhanced customer relationship management.

                                                     The Solution

    The company can reap the benefits of the new CRM, allowing it to abandon the previously used tools and manage customers and contacts efficiently. Another significant achievement concerns Wilier's online positioning, which is currently strong, particularly in the gravel sector.

    The support provided during the Italian Bike Festival participation also led to significant outcomes. On that occasion, Wilier made some of its new bike models available for visitors to test on a track, and Impresoft Engage created a dedicated landing page with a form for booking a bike test. This single landing page engaged over 6,000 contacts, all automatically stored in HubSpot.

    Facing the challenge of misaligned departments and the complexity of handling data scattered across multiple platforms, the adopted solution was the final design of an architecture that enabled seamless integration and efficient access to data for users.

    These excellent results have prompted the client to renew its collaboration with Impresoft Engage to complete ongoing projects and initiate new ones. Moreover, the client intends to continue working toward the creation of automation that can enhance the Sales team's performance, fully leveraging HubSpot's capabilities.

                                                        Key Points

    Based on the initial results, Impresoft Engage agreed with the client on a new strategy consisting of seven major areas: 

    1. Content Marketing Activities: Impresoft Engage proposed transferring the current Wilier blog to HubSpot, allowing the client to benefit from an integrated CMS that stores all blog-related data directly in the CRM. Additionally, a new topic cluster for the mountain bike sector has been designed, including an analysis of primary themes and keywords.
    2. Automation Setup: with the new CRM in place, Impresoft Engage created a marketing automation plan targeting existing Wilier database contacts and potential new leads.
    3. Customer Service Platform Analysis, Optimization, and Configuration: Wilier sought Impresoft Engage assistance to optimize customer service operations. Therefore, Impresoft Engage analyzed Wilier's customer support processes and conducted a migration from Zendesk to HubSpot's dedicated customer Service Hub.
    4. Support for Live Event Management: Wilier frequently participates in important industry events, and Impresoft Engage proposed providing digital event management support. The team managed lead collection during the company's participation in the Italian Bike Festival, conducting both pre- and post-event activities and establishing a working model that can be applied successfully to future events.
    5. Social Campaign Development: Impresoft Engage supported the planning and management of various social campaigns, with a particular focus on the launch of new Wilier products. This collaboration with the client's marketing team yielded highly positive results.
    6. Sales Team Training and Advanced Platform Customization: In order to help the Sales team maximize HubSpot's capabilities, Impresoft Engage recommended organizing dedicated training sessions. This approach would empower team members to independently manage the new tool and configure the platform more effectively based on their feedback and insights.
    7. Ongoing Support: For all of the client's internal teams to provide assistance when needed.
    My experience with the Impresoft Group team has been very positive, both from a strategic and organizational perspective. Thanks to their support, we are now effectively enhancing our customer journey and shaping our communication strategies based on concrete and focused data. I also found some visions and ideas for future projects quite intriguing, which will likely take shape.

    Francesca Zanon

    Marketing Project Manager

    Wilier Triestina

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