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Plytix Enhances Customer Delight with HubSpot

Since adopting HubSpot, Plytix has grown exponentially, achieved a 4.8/5 CSAT score while also reducing time spent on data entry by 30%.

  • 4.8/5 CSAT Score

  • 30% reduction of data entry

  • Faster monthly reporting process


Plytix is a B2B SaaS company that makes it easy for online businesses to centralize, optimize, distribute, and analyze their product data for multi-channel eCommerce.


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    Moving from Point Solutions to an All-In-One Platform Fit for Scale

    Before HubSpot, Plytix was using a bunch of disparate sales tools to manage its sales pipeline. But, back in 2018, the company’s pipeline was growing fast and its existing tools, like Pipedrive, weren’t robust enough to help the company scale and capture the data it needed.

    Initially, Plytix wanted an intuitive tool that would allow it to better manage its expanding sales pipeline and provide the comprehensive reporting functionality it needed to support its vision of becoming more data-driven. So, Plytix signed up for the HubSpot Marketing Hub & Sales Hub in October 2016.

    At that time, Plytix was running its Help Center via a WordPress installation. The company was also using a live chat tool called Slaask and a combination of other point solution tools for its customer service. At that time, Plytix’s Product Specialist, Kresten Østerby was the first (and only) employee on the customer service team. He was getting lots of irrelevant emails and it was very time-consuming for him to organize and prioritize issues. Plytix’s customer service also had an impressive CSAT (customer satisfaction) score of 4.8/5, which Kresten was keen to maintain.

    Kresten soon realized that to remain efficient and support customers effectively, he’d have to find a way to scale and automate Plytix’s support, so he started exploring bot technology options. He wanted to introduce an additional tier to customer service that would take care of the easy questions, so he could focus on answering more complex support queries. When HubSpot launched Service Hub Kresten knew that this was exactly what Plytix needed and the company signed up in September 2018. Kresten says, “Since then, we’ve more or less adopted the entire HubSpot stack.”

    A Single Source of Truth and a Delightful, Consistent Customer Journey

    It wasn’t long before Plytix was up and running with HubSpot. Kresten says, “The interface behind HubSpot is so easy for any employee in our commercial team to use and operate.” He adds, “I love the fact that it’s all together and it’s so intuitive. For example, if a teammate knows how to move deals through the pipeline, then they also know how to process tickets because it’s a similar process. That's what’s so great about HubSpot.”

    Before HubSpot, various teams at Plytix used many disparate tools to pull their monthly reporting data. This was time-consuming, taking approximately 45 minutes to pull a report each time. Now, with HubSpot, Plytix has consolidated its customer success, support, marketing, and sales reporting dashboards all into one place. Anyone in the company can pull up a report in real-time during a meeting. Kresten says, “Everyone has all of the data they need in one unified interface. HubSpot is our single source of truth. There’s a record for everything. Using workflows and automation we save ourselves around 30+% of the time previously spent on data entry and manually sending emails.

    Discovering HubSpot’s ads tool was also a huge time-saver for HubSpot’s marketing team. Pytix’s Marketer, Heather Rodgerson’s mind was blown when she saw that she could create Facebook and LinkedIn ads directly from HubSpot. She says, “Before HubSpot, I had to manually export lists from contacts, and then import them straight into Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns. Now I can do everything seamlessly from HubSpot. Since using Hubspot Ads, we now spend 100% less time updating audiences for our campaigns now we can automatically sync contact lists with our different advertising platforms. Heather also loves how the marketing team can quickly and easily create landing pages in HubSpot without needing a developer or designer.

    Plytix has also integrated HubSpot with Jira, which has helped the company scale its customer service. Kresten says, “Whenever a client submits a bug, they automatically get updated with the bug’s status. Then, as soon as we resolve the bug, the client automatically gets notified and they get sent a questionnaire to fill out.” Kresten adds, “It’s become so much easier to manage customer service at scale as so much is automated. That’s what’s so great about HubSpot.”

    Overall, having all teams working together in HubSpot provides many benefits for Plytix. For example, everyone in the company has visibility into which interactions and conversations each customer has had with various teammates in the company. Armed with this data, sales can reach out to qualified prospects with personalized introductions. Then, marketing and customer success can follow up with personalized post-sales campaigns to keep the customer’s journey consistent and personal. Hubspot Service Hub has helped us reduce the friction between Chat/Service Tickets and Support Emails. Allowing us to work all from 1 place and having a great impact on customer satisfaction. Our internal satisfaction score is 4.8/5 stars. Kresten says, “HubSpot helps us to ensure each customer is as delighted as possible through every stage of the funnel.”

    Growing Fast with HubSpot’s Inbound Methodology

    Since adopting HubSpot’s all-on-one platform a year ago, Plytix has grown rapidly and has saved so much time switching between tools and processes. Now, Plytix also has the robust reporting data it needs to become a data-driven company and it even shaved 45 minutes off its company-wide reporting process.

    When Plytix first adapted HubSpot, the company became a ‘HubSpot for Startup’ (HSFS) participant. Learning from HubSpot’s educational resources and tailored training has been integral to the company’s growth. Today, Plytix closely follows HubSpot’s company inbound strategy and plays and adapts the relevant lessons it learns to its own strategy to drive further growth.

    Kresten says, “You have no idea how much we’ve learned from HubSpot and the inspiration we continue to get from you. We look forward to growing even more with HubSpot in the future.”
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