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Posizionate Gains 80 New Leads Monthly as a HubSpot Partner

As a HubSpot Partner, Posizionate has become one of Spain’s leading inbound agencies, specialising in the Industrial, ICT, Health, Tourism and Education sectors.

  • 100% of clients on retainer

  • 1.7X increase in sales


Posizionate is a digital marketing agency helping companies with SEO, content creation and Google AdWords.


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    Pivoting Towards Inbound

    By 2016, digital marketing agency Posizionate was ready to go all-in with the inbound methodology. It was already helping its clients with SEO, content creation and Google AdWords, but it wanted to offer more joined-up services and prove that they were getting results. It also needed a way to take its marketing and sales to the next level.

    Iván Gil, Posizionate’s CEO, knew that the right software partner would be key, and HubSpot was already on his radar. “I had been following its blog since 2007, and I was a fan of both its ethos and its products. When I discovered the HubSpot Partner Program, I was hooked. It was exactly what we were looking for: a complete system for inbound success.”

    Iván liked how intuitive and powerful the HubSpot software was, and he was particularly impressed by how much support the Partner Program offered to agencies. “We spent a lot of time talking to the HubSpot team, and it was obvious that they could help us become the inbound experts that we wanted to be. In the end, it was an easy decision. We signed up in 2016.”

    “The HubSpot Partner Program offered us just what we needed – a blueprint for inbound success.” - Iván Gil 

    Creating a Funnel for Growth

    Posizionate wanted its website to be an example of just how effective the inbound methodology can be. It got started by creating its buyer personas – executives from companies in the industrial, ITC, health and education sectors. It then doubled down on its content production, creating a popular blog and a monthly podcast.

    “Once we got our personas set up, everything else flowed from that. All the topics we cover speak to their interests and pain points, and we use Calls-to-Action and Forms to encourage them to engage with us. Once they do, we can begin to build a progressive profile for every lead and enter them into personalised Workflows that move them through the funnel,” explains Iván.

    The agency uses the HubSpot Growth Stack, the combination of HubSpot’s marketingCRM and sales software, which means that its marketing and sales teams are working in much closer alignment.

    “With the CRM, the marketing department can see how every contact has interacted with us, so they can refine their actions and get our sales team the quality leads they need. Our salespeople then use HubSpot Sales Hub to automate time-consuming tasks and to reach out to prospects at the ideal moment.”

    Iván credits the HubSpot team with helping Posizionate to position itself as an authority in the inbound sector.  “From the beginning, our HubSpot channel account manager worked to ensure that we had a deep understanding of the software and the methodology. That made it a lot easier to show potential clients the benefits of our services. Our HubSpot channel consultant is great as well. He helps us to get our clients the results they need, so they are more likely to sign up for long-term retainer contracts. We’re still in regular contact with him, and his strategic advice is invaluable.”

    “Thanks to the HubSpot Partner Program, we’ve become more effective while cutting down on our workload.”- Iván Gil

    Results on the Rise

    Since signing up to the HubSpot Partner Program, Posizionate has gone from strength to strength. It is generating 80 new inbound leads each month, and it has already become a HubSpot Gold Partner.

    “We now have seven clients on the HubSpot software, and all of them are on retainer contracts. Having that predictable revenue is incredibly useful, as it gives us the freedom to plan ahead. We’re also making improvements to our bottom line. In just the past 12 months, we’ve increased our sales by 1.7X,” says Iván.

    The agency’s clients are reaping benefits too. Thanks to the HubSpot software, Posizionate can give them a personalised service that matches their specific goals and prove that its work is making an impact. “With HubSpot’s dashboards and reports, we can show them the efficacy of everything we do. That’s like the holy grail – hard evidence that they are getting a return on their investment!”

    Posizionate plans to continue its relationship with HubSpot long into the future; the aim is to become a Platinum Partner by 2020. “We’re very happy that we chose HubSpot. It has helped us to supercharge our growth, and I’d recommend it to any other agency that wants to get serious about inbound.”

    “As a HubSpot Partner, we’ve been able to carve out our position as a go-to inbound agency.” - Iván Gil


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