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Propeller Aero Strengthens ABM Strategy with HubSpot

HubSpot’s ABM tools allowed increased accountability across teams, higher visibility into target accounts, and more accurate measurement and attribution.

  • 23% increase in average contract value

  • 12% higher close rate for ABM deals

Propeller Aero

Propeller Aero is a global leader in 3D mapping and data analytics solutions that give worksites the power to measure and manage themselves, with visual tools that everyone can use.


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    A Personalized Buying Experience for Target Accounts

    Propeller Aero offers an end-to-end drone survey solution to track, map and measure worksites in a quick and accurate way. As a leader in a unique market where construction and technology intersect, the company was scaling quickly.

    At this crucial time of significant growth, Propeller Aero needed to strengthen their account-based marketing strategy to accurately reach new leads and create a personalized buying experience for their target accounts.

    “Before HubSpot, we used several tools in order to effectively target accounts. However, seeing the actual market penetration and results of our ABM program was difficult, as we didn’t have a way to track this in our CRM,” said Drew Hultgren, Sales Operations Manager at Propeller Aero.

    From a marketing perspective, the Propeller Aero team had been operating by trial and error to identify what worked for the team, industry and program. They tested targeted digital ads, intent data software, social media channels and personalized outreach to get an initial ABM program up and running. Despite these adjustments and testing, they didn’t have the cross-functional visibility they needed.

    “Attribution reporting was a huge challenge we were facing. We needed to understand what work had been done with an account, what types of engagement were happening with various contacts, what sequencing and cadence methods needed to be used,” said Bri Ivar, Marketing Manager for Propeller Aero.

    “We also knew from the get-go that we needed to keep our line of communication between marketing and sales open and work very closely to execute. Before HubSpot, we had little visibility across the teams in terms of viewing aggregate data across target accounts, which didn’t help accountability or account communication.”

    Harnessing the Power of HubSpot for Account-Based Marketing

    Today, the company is harnessing the power of HubSpot’s ABM tools, allowing their marketing and sales teams to work together to create efficient, personalized buying experiences for target accounts.

    “Since we were already using HubSpot as our CRM, it was a natural choice to implement the new ABM tools. This made updating our dashboards much easier and provided us with the information we wanted in a tool we were already familiar with.” said Drew

    The Propeller Aero team used HubSpot’s attribution reporting and modeling tools to support their ABM efforts. A new target accounts dashboard gave their team a holistic view of all accounts, open pipeline numbers and sales engagements, increasing accountability across the organization. They also use HubSpot’s CRM functionality for general data collection and repository management as it relates to their target accounts.

    “Using HubSpot’s ABM tools, we have seen increased accountability across our teams, much higher visibility into what our accounts are doing, how they are progressing, and more accurately measuring ACV, sales cycle, and attribution.”said Bri.

    A Path to Strategic Growth

    HubSpot’s ABM tools gave Propeller Aero an aggregate view of their account-based marketing strategy, execution and performance across the organization. The tools helped centralized information and bubbled up insights that were otherwise difficult for them to see, giving visibility into gaps in engagement and account touch points.

    After four months of using HubSpot’s ABM tools, Propeller Aero’s average contract values were 23% higher and had a 12% higher close rate for ABM deals. Moving forward, the company is aiming to continue this positive momentum to run a highly efficient and data-driven program with HubSpot, providing support to cross-functional teams.

    • Using HubSpot’s ABM tools, we have seen increased accountability across our teams, much higher visibility into what our accounts are doing, how they are progressing, and more accurately measuring ACV, sales cycle, and attribution.

      Bri Ivar

      Marketing Manager

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