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How Rankmi Became the Foremost HR Resource in Latin America

Learn how Rankmi became the leading source for HR content in Latin America by creating and distributing relevant content across the customer journey that generated and nurtured high-quality leads.

  • <5 minutes To create a new landing page in HubSpot

  • 35% Increase in MQLs


Rankmi is the most complete Human Capital Management Hub in Latin America, connecting every stage of the employment cycle on a single platform. More than 1.2 million people use Rankmi every day.


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    As one of the leading Human Capital Management platforms in Latin America, the Rankmi team knows everything there is to know about HR norms and regulations. They needed to transmit that expertise to their leads and solidify their position as the foremost experts on HR for the continent. 

    Rankmi provides more than technology, as Inbound Marketing Manager Jean Pierre Barroilhet tells us: 

    “We are experts in what we do from a technology perspective. But more than that, we are experts in HR. Anything that you need to know, from how to do a performance review, manage your payroll or build a people centric culture in your organization, you can come to us. We are the experts, and we wanted to communicate that with our audience across the continent,” Jean Pierre says. 

    Rankmi uses HubSpot to create content that’s relevant to different LatAm audiences and customize the delivery to different segments to deliver maximum value to their customers. 

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    Deliver targeted, country-specific content

    Since they first launched in 2015, Rankmi has grown from their Chilean roots into a multinational platform that serves all of Latin America. Their marketing efforts have grown to match, with teams focused on Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru. To provide value, their content must be tailored to the distinct markets served. 

    “Our content is really specific to different countries, and to different HR processes within those countries,” Jean Pierre says, citing a high-performing blog post about a change in retirement laws in Mexico as an example. “We need to stay on top of different markets and keywords, because we can’t be generic.” 

    Rankmi uses HubSpot to create and manage content through their blog and website to offer a hyper-personalized user experience. HubSpot’s SEO tools help them plan their content strategy and optimize for targeted keywords. They use smart content to build country-specific emails, blog posts, and landing pages, delivering the best, most relevant content to their readers—and ensuring that leads are directed to the right place. 

    Increase MQLs through their website

    Rankmi wanted to be able to customize their website and create landing pages and modules easily, without developer support. Their marketing team has grown exponentially since 2020, from under 10 people to nearly 50 today. As they learned what worked for their audience and what didn’t, they wanted to be able to test and make changes quickly, especially on the inbound marketing side. 

    “With team changes and operational growth, we’re starting to see what’s working for us. We’re using the blog for demand generation and building a database of contacts. We’re using lead scoring to build an email nutrition campaign,” Jean Pierre says. 

    The marketing team uses HubSpot CMS to quickly and easily create and duplicate modules and make changes to the website, and they can create and deploy landing pages in less than 5 minutes. The ability make website changes and release new product functionality quickly empowers the marketing team to stay on top of everything more easily.

    All of these efforts combined have shown very positive results for Rankmi: Website demand generation has increased significantly, and demo requests, which are Rankmi’s MQLs, are up 35%. Approximately 55% of overall demo requests are currently coming through Rankmi’s website. “That’s a lot for a process that used to depend almost entirely on prospecting,” Jean Pierre says. “Today, our inbound channels are more useful than other channels.”

    Use automation in workflows

    When Rankmi was a new startup, they faced challenges in creating a content marketing strategy that effectively met the needs and expectations of their customers.

    As Rankmi CEO Enrique Besa shared at the time: 

    “We had been reading about content marketing for quite a while. We wanted to do it, but as a new startup, we were struggling to find a way to move forward. When we started learning about HubSpot it all clicked together, it allowed us to set up a deliberate effort, boost it with automation, and dramatically grow our traffic. We went from cold calls to taking calls in a few months, and we have HubSpot to thank for it.”

    Rankmi has come a long way since then. Today, Rankmi uses integrations and workflows to automate their entire customer journey, effectively engaging leads and customers at the right place and time. For example, they’ve used HubSpot’s Zoom integration and built a workflow that puts webinar attendees on their email list. 

    “Everything's really connected,” Jean Pierre says. “That's one of the main advantages of using HubSpot.”

    Track progress with reporting and analytics

    As Rankmi’s marketing efforts grew, the team needed to improve tracking, reporting and analytics to get a complete picture of their progress: which landing pages and blog posts are driving the most visitors? Which campaigns are driving conversions? Where are leads coming from? 

    HubSpot’s reporting tools allow them to track how their campaigns perform. They can see which landing pages have the most sessions and which ones lead to the most form submissions. They use custom URLs to track channel performance, enabling them to improve the customer experience and drive more revenue because of it. 

    “Having everything in one place on HubSpot allows us to see not only which pages and blog posts are working but which landing pages have the most form submissions and who is submitting them. We can follow up with them and build our contact list.” 

    With HubSpot, Rankmi also has a central source of truth for sales performance metrics, from cold calling (with Aircall integration) to integrated BI platforms. Soon, the whole company will have access to data in real time for all of its processes.

    • As we’ve continued to grow over the years, HubSpot has been with us every step of the way.

      Jean Pierre Barroilhet

      Inbound Marketing Manager


    • We are experts in HR and we wanted to communicate that with our audience across the continent. Anything that you need to know, from how to do a performance review, manage your payroll or build a people centric culture in your organization, you can come to us.

      Jean Pierre Barroilhet

      Inbound Marketing Manager


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