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How TenantBase is Growing with the HubSpot Growth Stack

TenantBase is a free service built to make searching for an office and signing a lease simple for startups and small businesses.

Here’s their Growth Stack Story...

TenantBase is a free service built to make searching for an office and signing a lease simple for startups and small businesses.

Here’s their Growth Stack Story...

"We are an online platform that helps small businesses and startups find and lease office space. We have our software that is our main engine online, but we also have about a dozen commercial real estate brokers, “Advisors”, across three markets that serve as our sales team. Our Advisors work with our customers to support them from searching for office space to signing a lease, and help generate revenue with every lease transaction they complete. Because the closing process is offline there are a lot of moving pieces in our in our Advisor interactions, so staying organized through the process is key.

When we started our business back in 2014, we were using Infusionsoft, which is a sales and marketing automation software, and that was great to get going – especially on the marketing automation side. However, our team was pretty frustrated with the CRM component of the software which just was not easy for us to manage a high volume of leads. I decided to try HubSpot’s CRM and I was blown away by how intuitive and easy-to-use it was for a free tool. 

We started with HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Marketing as our marketing automation and sales systems, and immediately saw the need to add HubSpot Sales to best support our local Advisors working with our customers.

Outside of the ease of use and ability to streamline follow up processes, we find the most value in the way HubSpot lets us view and track our sales pipeline. In the deals board, it’s easy to see all of our opportunities and where they are in the process. We’ve added custom fields so we can really manage everything based on the way our business and sales process functions. The way we work is that every deal has to have a next step or action associated with it. Our managers can see what stage a deal is in, what the next action is, what the perceived close date is going to be, and provide support or guidance to the Advisor managing that deal. It’s that kind of pipeline visibility that has really been the most valuable thing that we use.

On the marketing side, we also use a lot of workflows to automate our processes and manage follow-ups. Our whole onboarding process takes place through the API so that when someone creates a new user account on TenantBase, the API creates them as a contact in HubSpot. They go through what I feel like is 60 workflows, positioning that contact properly and making sure they’re tagged with all of the right information and marketing data – thankfully the user and the sales team do not have to see or worry about any of this.

A key feature for us in the Marketing software workflows is the ability to assign leads in a “round robin” to our Advisors through the marketing software. This ensures that each lead we get is allocated based on certain criteria and are evenly distributed to our Advisors. They’re assigned to an Advisor that is the right fit for their needs, and an email gets sent to that Advisor notifiying them of the new sign up. From there, we really utilize Sequences to stay on top of our follow ups and customer outreach.

We also use Hubspot to manage our blog content, social media and a lot of list building to most effectively manage our database of current and past users. We do a lot of lists that hopefully help us reach our users at most appropriate time with the most relevant content.

I have been very pleased with all the products at HubSpot and have come to expect fast improvement based on user feedback.I know that as we continue to grow having our marketing and sales working seamlessly together over the platform is going to be intregal to us hitting our goals. We look forward to a conitued relationship with Hubspot!"

-Mike Zei, COO at TenantBase


About TenantBase

TenantBase is a free service built to make searching for an office and signing a lease simple for startups and small businesses.

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