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WWF Calls Attention to Nature Loss and Climate Change With HubSpot

As a large international organization, WWF needed a powerful and easy-to-use CMS to organize Earth Hour 2020, their largest global campaign of the year. Find out how HubSpot helped WWF launch a successful campaign with a high level of personalization.

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Founded in 1961, WWF works with governments, businesses, communities, and individuals to address pressing environmental issues. They are active across nearly 100 different countries to fulfill their mission of setting nature on the path to recovery in the coming decade for the benefit of people and wildlife.


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    Finding a CMS That Is Secure, Integrated, and Easy to Use

    In order to properly organize for change, WWF needed to find a CMS that could reliably deliver their message to the masses, while also giving them the flexibility to make changes as needed across the site. When it came time to choose a CMS to use for Earth Hour 2020, their largest global campaign of the year, they consulted with their long-time partner Connect Labs. After explaining to Connect Labs what they were looking for in a CMS, WWF decided to leverage HubSpot’s CMS Hub.

    WWF had several requirements for their new CMS. First, they needed a CMS that could handle a high volume of traffic, without having to worry about how they would scale their systems to accommodate the influx of visitors to their website. Earth Hour 2020 is a yearly event, and traffic to the website naturally increases as the event draws near. As WWF worked to organize the event and push their organizations' mission forward, they didn’t have time to worry about the speed, security, or reliability of their website.

    Second, WWF was looking to gain further insight into their user’s journey on their website. To ensure Earth Hour 2020’s success, WWF wanted to understand which content users were interacting with the most. With this information, they wanted to optimize their content strategy, and more effectively segment their user base to increase engagement with Earth Hour 2020.

    Finally, WWF needed to ensure that the CMS they chose was easy to use. The team at WWF needed the flexibility to easily edit, preview, and update their site, while also using custom features built out by the Connect Labs team across their website. They also needed a scalable way to generate content off of user submissions.

    Content Hub Provides WWF With Customization and Ease of Use

    After consulting with Soumya Indurti, Founder & CEO of Connect Labs, the team at WWF went with Content Hub for their Earth Hour 2020 website. “I have five other clients on the Content Hub, and I always recommend it to anyone looking for a CMS that is easy to use, yet still has the power and flexibility that growing businesses need,” says Soumya.

    After conducting a full site review and taking note of various improvements the WWF team was looking to make across the site, the team at Connect Labs started building out the Earth Hour 2020 site. “Our team appreciates that with Content Hub, we can focus on building custom web assets that have the design and functionality the WWF team is looking for, but they can still easily edit content and make changes at the page level,” comments Soumya. “We love how intuitive and user-friendly Content Hub is."

    "We are impressed at how easily we can integrate new templates, features, and custom modules into our site. The Connect Labs team was integral in giving us the skills and confidence we needed to handle everyday updates completely on our own,” says the Global Digital Manager at WWF.

    One of the features of Content Hub that WWF found most helpful was HubDB. Earth Hour 2020 is reliant on user-generated content. With the help of Connect Labs, WWF was able to automate the creation of this dynamic content, freeing the team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

    One of the main selling points of Content Hub for WWF was its reporting capabilities and its seamless integration with HubSpot’s Marketing Hub — the platform they were already leveraging for their marketing automation. “HubSpot gives us a holistic understanding of our users’ actions across our website, emails, and social pages, connecting the dots without having to rely on separate analytics tools for each channel. It centralizes all this user data in one platform so we can easily take action off of it," says the Digital Communications Specialist at WWF.

    By pairing Content Hub and Marketing Hub together, the team at WWF has started to create highly segmented groups of users based on the content they’re interacting with on their website. These segments are informing their email marketing strategy, as well as their content strategy in support of the event.

    Maybe one of the biggest benefits of Content Hub, however, is one that people don't often think about. As a cloud-hosted, SaaS CMS, Content Hub takes care of any security or reliability concerns for WWF and Connect Labs, letting them focus on the site visitor’s experience. “Earth Hour is an incredible initiative that invites global participation. We didn’t want the WWF team worrying about potential security issues or restoring the website if it were to go down. Knowing how secure and reliable Content Hub is was certainly a massive plus when WWF was selecting their CMS,” comments Soumya.

    Leveraging HubSpot to Measure Success

    WWF has loved the ease of use that Content Hub has provided them with. By leveraging Cotent Hub in conjunction with Marketing Hub, the team responsible for Earth Hour 2020 will be comparing the results of this year’s event to last year’s, taking into account everything from overall traffic to their site, to how many pledges were submitted to the site.

    They’re confident in their ability to report on these key success metrics thanks to the HubSpot platform. “We would recommend Hubspot not just to organisations looking for a user-friendly CMS, but for those seeking to develop a more holistic understanding of user actions across their web and digital properties.”

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