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Staffing and Recruiting Firm Yoh Implements Inbound Marketing to Overcome Budget Cuts

After the economic downturn in 2008, Yoh's marketing budget took a big cut. They decided to look for a way to accelerate their online marketing activities and found their solution in HubSpot’s inbound marketing platform. It helped them reach more potential buyers, nurture them in a personalized way, and ultimately turn more leads into customers.

  • 29% increase in traffic

  • 122% increase in monthly website visitors in 2 years

  • $50 million in revenue from new inbound customers in past 18 months


Yoh covers the diverse talent and workforce management needs of its clients by offering services. They serve over 800 clients across the globe, including some of the world’s largest companies like SAP America. Yoh operates from 75+ locations throughout North America and the United Kingdom.


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    Yoh Chose HubSpot to Be More Efficient After Budget Cuts

    Before implementing HubSpot, Yoh used traditional marketing methods.  They knew they were missing out on opportunities to grow their brand and their business.  Matt Rivera, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Yoh, says, “It was all reactive.  Our website was a brochure.  So we started looking for a way to differentiate ourselves.”

    But their budget had been reduced after the economic downturn in 2008.  “Rather than saying we don’t have enough resources, we decided to say that there has to be a way to accelerate our marketing in a way that makes sense.  We wanted to know what concepts and technologies were out there that would give us that kind of leap.  That’s how we first learned about inbound marketing.”

    So Yoh started to try different SEO strategies with the keywords they thought were most relevant. They implemented a blogging platform and started to blog almost daily.  

    But their results were falling short.  They were gaining a little traction with more visitors to their website, but they weren’t getting meaningful traffic or capturing that traffic as leads.   “We didn’t have [our blogging and SEO tools] well connected to our website so it wasn’t integrated whatsoever.  We were not providing any calls-to-action or anything that would convert a visitor to a lead or customer,” says Matt.  He describes this challenge further, “You could see the number of clicks and page views but you didn't have any other info - who they are, where they’re coming from - or a way to let them say ‘I’m interested in this and I want to have a conversation.’”

    Ultimately, this meant that their marketing activities weren’t having enough business impact as they could have.

    Matt started to consider software solutions to help accelerate Yoh’s online activities.  When he discovered HubSpot, he knew it would help them drive more results in a cost-effective way.  “When you have limited resources that kind of marketing automation is great because it allows you to maximize what you’re doing,” says Matt.

    Yoh Uses HubSpot to Attract and Nurture Potential Buyers

    Yoh’s first goals while implementing HubSpot  was to get the right potential buyers to find and engage with them.  They realized that their SEO and offers strategies were flawed.  Matt says, “We thought we knew what people were looking at, but we really didn’t.  And it’s a moving target.  So you need a dynamic platform and a way to keep up with that.”  

    HubSpot’s Keywords tool helped them realize that they weren’t optimizing for the right keywords to get found by potential buyers.  For example, they had been focused on “RPO,” the acronym for “recruitment process outsourcing”:  a term that they commonly use internally.  But discovered that people searched for terms like “talent acquisition” more often and generally write out “recruitment process outsourcing” when conducting a search.  Matt says, “This broadened our thinking of how we market our business.  We were limiting ourselves because there is a far greater audience looking for better recruiting strategies then we were aware of.”

    Now potential buyers are finding them online and find very engaging content on the topics that matter to them, in the form of whitepapers, infographics, and ebooks.  They use HubSpot’s Landing Pages tool to capture people’s contact information and have turned their website into a true lead generation tool.

    Yoh next started to create lead nurturing campaigns to capitalize on the success of their demand generation activities.  Matt describes an example of a campaign that was prompted by a workforce trends study they published soon after implementing HubSpot. The offer got a strong response with a 15.6% submission rate, so they followed up with a webinar and then additional content to keep that conversation going.  “It was the first time we saw how to run a campaign and keep a sustained lead nurturing initiative going.”  

    • We saw the integration, innovation & automation and that’s why we knew we had to get over to HubSpot.

      Matt Rivera

      Vice President, Marketing & Communications


    • We’ve never run into anything HubSpot can’t handle... Any large company should consider them for an enterprise-wide resource.

      Matt Rivera

      Vice President, Marketing & Communications


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