Heron Global Partners Increases Leads and Revenue by 5X with HubSpot

In the summer of 2015, Heron Global Partners was a newly formed London investment house, struggling to generate, nurture and manage leads. The company tried outbound marketing tactics, such as print advertising and events but achieved mixed results. After teaming up with marketing agency Six & Flow, HGP decided to launch an inbound marketing strategy and invest in the HubSpot Marketing and Sales Platform. By January 2016, the company had achieved fantastic results and saw leads and revenue increase by 5X.


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Increase in leads


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Heron Global Partners Team

About HGP

Heron Global Partners is a versatile research company that specialises in a wide spectrum of financial opportunities and products. It operates as an intermediary that specialises in introducing potential investors to institutions. A large section of the company is devoted to continuously conducting research and due diligence, which allows it to discover new opportunities to source the best available solutions for its customers.

Investing in The Right Platform for Inbound Marketing Success

HGP is an independent off-shoot from a larger business and was used to the parent company managing all lead generation through outbound marketing tactics, such as cold calling, events and print advertising. However, its sales team found both the volume and quality of outbound leads to be low. These poorly qualified leads meant the sales team were talking to the wrong types of prospects and its paper-based process of recording interactions was taking up precious time.

It was clear HGP needed a fresh approach to marketing that would generate more qualified leads on a consistent basis. Its marketing team looked for an agency that could help with this brief and enable HGP to grow and meet its ambitious goals.

After partnering with the growth marketing agency, Six & Flow, the company developed and launched its inbound marketing strategy using the HubSpot software. This was its first foray into lead generation for HGP and new territory for the parent company. HGP used the software to improve lead quality and volume, streamline current marketing processes and optimise efficiency.

Six & Flow Managing Director, Richard Wood says, “We’ve helped to create an inbound marketing strategy for HGP that has become intrinsic in the way they work and vital to the future of the business. Now they are speaking to the right individuals, quality has improved and the effort required to reach a sale has drastically reduced, meaning more sales come across the line in the same amount of time. We’re delighted by the results we’ve achieved from the HubSpot Marketing Platform.”

"Using HubSpot we’ve helped HGP at every stage of the funnel. We’ve increased leads significantly and streamlined their sales process."

Richard Wood

Managing Director

Six & Flow

Crafting Personas to Reach an Inbound Audience

In preparation for launching the inbound marketing strategy HGP’s analysed its audience and created personas. Previously, the company targeted “high net worth” individuals, people earning more than £60,000 per year.

Combining evidential and statistical research with the sales team’s instincts and experience, they created new personas to target those that exhibited particular habits, such as entrepreneurial investing, those seeking social status and people who used particular channels to invest. Armed with this new level of insight from its personas, the HGP marketing team were able to craft tailored campaigns that helped educate and nurture prospects.

Landing Pages were created with messages and offers tailored to each persona. The company implemented Smart Content and Smart CTAs so they could qualify leads and understand their place in the buyer’s journey. HubSpot’s Marketing Automation Software was then used by HGP to nurture its leads through an automated workflow, before handing over the warmest leads to sales.

Six & Flow also recommended HubSpot’s free CRM to HGP, as Richard explains, “With the CRM we automatically record and report every action taken by prospective customers. This powerful tool helps our clients understand their customers’ habits and preferences. Using this information HGP knows which leads their sales team should focus on."

"HubSpot’s excellent suite of marketing tools have enabled us to rapidly increase our lead generation efforts and succinctly manage our sales and marketing process."

Phil Walker

Marketing Director

Heron Global Partners

Delivering Better Leads for a Growing Sales Team

Since working with HubSpot, the HGP marketing team have increased lead volume by 5X, which resulted in 5X revenue growthThis increased lead volume and revenue allowed HGP to scale operations and double their sales team within six months.

HGP’s Marketing Director, Phil Walker said, “Thanks to HubSpot’s software we’ve learned how to nurture leads to perfection. Our sales team now approach prospective customers at the right time, in the right way. The ROI from adopting inbound has been significant.”

By using HubSpot’s CRM, HGP’s sales team increased productivity by close to 60% as they no longer had to manually update paper-based records. This move enabled the sales consultants to focus on selling to customers, rather than completing manual administrative tasks.

The HubSpot Marketing Platform enables the HGP marketing team to show the ROI of its marketing efforts. Phil Walker says, “The HubSpot software powers both our marketing and sales organisations. We’ve been able to dramatically increase the number of leads we generate each month and our sales reps can see instantly which leads they should follow up. This is helping us focus on the right leads and we’ve seen a tremendous increase in leads and revenue.”

“Our previous approach to marketing focussed on outbound tactics which were ineffective and costly. Working with HubSpot has transformed our marketing. We are now creating better leads and have more visibility of our overall marketing activity,” says HGP’s marketing director.

He adds, “We have aggressive growth plans for the coming years and we intend to accelerate our growth by continuing our work with HubSpot.”

"The 5X revenue growth we’ve achieved with HubSpot is outstanding. We’ve modernised our marketing and have a much deeper understanding of our marketing efforts and our potential customers."

Phil Walker

Marketing Director

Heron Global Partners

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