I-Vitae Increases Leads by 34X in Four Months With HubSpot

I-Vitae provides a science-backed solution that helps women with fertility issues to conceive naturally. When it changed its business model from B2B to B2C, it needed a quick and powerful way to reach a whole new type of customer. It found the ideal solution in the HubSpot software. In just four months, I-Vitae increased leads by 34X, while its emails have an open rate of 62%. Moreover, the blog increases the number of readers approximately by 300% every new published post.


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I-Vitae Team


I-Vitae empowers women with fertility issues to achieve a natural conception, by providing a science-backed programme. The company has undertaken extensive research into the causes of unexplained infertility, and this programme has already been successfully tested in clinics. The I-Vitae programme has two main elements, accessible through its own digital platform: a BLOOD TEST and a CONCEPTION DIARY. The latter includes scientific customer care, ovulation tracking, coaching and it’s based on the delivery of an organic food supplement.

Changing Lanes to B2C

I-Vitae was founded in Italy in 2014, and it initially sold its solution directly to reproductive clinics. However, in 2016 it decided to switch its focus from B2B to B2C, and focus on women seeking fertility solutions.

“We decided that we needed to start selling directly to women, which would require a complete reboot of our marketing approach.”

As I-Vitae had been selected to join the prestigious Startupbootcamp accelerator programme (Digital Health Berlin), it needed to get started quickly. It decided to go all-in with the inbound methodology and began its search for the right software partner. The HubSpot Marketing Platform was already on Alessandro’s radar – he had been introduced to it through Dharmesh Shah’s blog posts several years previously – but now he began to investigate it more deeply.

“We were building up an entire community from scratch, and we needed to be up and running as soon as possible! To be successful, we needed a way to attract visitors and nurture them through the funnel in a really effective way. Moreover, woman with fertility issues are really sensitive, in some cases they’ve been struggling for years. Thus, we did need an adaptive and flexible tool to attract visitors without being inconsiderate or too aggressive on our offer.

“The HubSpot software had everything we needed. We did look at other platforms, but the difference with HubSpot was the human factor. It offered customer support that was second to none, which is critical when you are taking on technology that requires customisation and ongoing support.”

The decision was an easy one, and I-Vitae signed on the dotted line with HubSpot in December 2016.

"HubSpot offered us a complete solution – the software to implement our new strategy, and the methodology to make it a success."

Alessandro Scozzesi

Co-Founder and CEO


From a Placeholder Site to a Lead-Generating Machine

The I-Vitae website had consisted of a static page that Alessandro describes as “basically a placeholder” that didn’t have the capacity to generate leads. The company’s adoption of the HubSpot growth stack – a combination of the Marketing, CRM and Sales software – changed that picture.

“First, we put our entire site on the HubSpot COS, and then we set up a complete conversion funnel for our visitors. We have a Call-to-Action (CTA) on our homepage that encourages visitors to fill out a questionnaire and leave key details, such as an email address and a phone number. We’ve been able to run several A/B testing comparing parallel funnels and finally chose the one was performing at best.”

I-Vitae uses the advanced features of the HubSpot Marketing Platform to analyse the user’s journey through its site and to make tweaks to improve its click-through rates.

“We use Smart Calls-to-Action and Smart Forms to customise the user experience throughout the site, and we A/B test to see what is working best. We then organise prospects into Smart Lists and nurture them through the marketing pipeline with Workflows.”

Alessandro is a fan of the HubSpot CRM, which I-Vitae uses to build a contact record of each prospect. The sales team can now have much more informed conversations with their leads, and they use the Sales Pro software to make sure that they follow up at just the right time. “Indeed, we’ve been also able to integrate HubSpot with third party APIs to fulfil the EU regulation on data security, applying in our case.”

“The Meetings feature is particularly useful. A salesperson can create a personalised page where leads can see their availability and book a meeting, which does away with the usual email back and forth. The prospect can then have a video call with someone who explains exactly how we can help them. It’s a one-to-one, personal service that our customers respond well to.”

"It's one of the most powerful and cost-effective platforms that I have ever used."

- Alessandro Scozzesi

A Fast-track to Results

Since launching its website in December, I-Vitae has improved its lead generation by an amazing 34X.. Today, 9 % of people who visit its homepage convert into fully qualified leads, its Emails have an open rate up to 62% and its Blog has 300% increase of views.

“We have achieved all this in four months, so we are excited about what we can achieve by the end of the year, particularly in terms of revenue.”

Looking ahead, I-Vitae plans to invest further its content marketing.

“We’ve hired a journalist to create in-depth articles on the causes of and solutions to infertility, and on fertility issues in general, which we believe will get our target clients engaging with us even more.”

Alessandro says that he would recommend the HubSpot growth stack to any other company, especially to startups where “time” is a relevant variable,  and cost effective solutions must be selected to scale as fast as possible, and that wants to transform its sales and marketing.

“HubSpot can help any business, but it is especially useful to those that want to grow quickly. It has allowed us to prove the ROI of our activities and rapidly grow our leads and revenue.”

"Thanks to the HubSpot software, we’ve been able to pursue a design-thinking approach that resonates with our prospects."

- Alessandro Scozzesi

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