Identropy Grows their Sales Qualified Leads and Increase Leads by 108% After Inbound Marketing Workshop

Identropy had been a HubSpot customer for two years since 2011. They had been generating leads, and increasing their web presence, but discovered they could accelerate growth with additional inbound marketing consulting. They wanted to enlist a HubSpot consultant to audit their inbound strategy to help improve the quality of leads they passed to their sales team. As a result of their additional consulting, they've seen some great results.


Increase in leads


Increase in landing page conversions

About Identropy

Identropy is a leading provider in the Identity Management-as-a-Service (IDaas) space. They help clients meet their security, compliance, and governance objectives by providing them with a cost-effective and user-friendly Identity Management platform delivered as a SaaS application.

A Need for Change

Identropy had been executing an inbound marketing strategy using the HubSpot software for three years, and were pleased with the results they were seeing. During that time they had experienced a dramatic increase in web traffic. The variety of call-to-action buttons helped them convert around 2% of their visitors into leads. Identropy's VP of Marketing, Ranjeet Vidwans, knew he had a scalable system, but had aggressive growth goals, and knew he needed help developing a better plan to achieve them.

In the past, Identropy's main focus had been to generate lots of inbound leads for their sales team to close new business. They created dozens of downloadable resources, including educational ebooks and whitepapers. Ranjeet realized he would need to improve the quality of their leads, to meet the ambitious growth goals Identropy had set for his team.

“We were generating a lot of leads with HubSpot, but we needed better quality for our sales team to hit their goals."


Ranjeet Vidwans

VP of Marketing


Enter a HubSpot Consultant

Identropy reached out to their Account Manager to learn more about HubSpot's custom consulting services. Ranjeet's main concerns were if they were targeting their personas efficiently and if they had the right types of content available for quality lead generation. In addition, he wanted to learn how to set-up marketing automation to support their inbound marketing goals.

They purchased an Inbound Marketing Workshop, a one-day workshop with a consultant to help them assess and build out their new marketing strategy. 

On their discovery call, Principal Consultant, Andrew Capland, listened to Identropy's challenges, and identified several critical gaps in their marketing plan that needed addressing immediately, in order to be successful. Together they agreed on an agenda for the day:

  1. Audit of their inbound marketing data, to compare their performance to industry benchmarks.
  2. SMART goal planning, to determine what actions needed to be taken based on their objectives.
  3. Buyer persona strategy, to ensure they were levereging personas correctly for quality lead generation.
  4. Content mapping, to identify any content gaps based on their personas, and the buyers journey.
  5. Smarter segmentation, to get a clearer description of the marketing/sales funnel for forecasting, and more specific targeting.
  6. Workflows, to plan out a marketing automation process to help them scale.

"My favorite part of the workshop was that it was practical. Instead of just discussing abstract best practices, we saw how we were performing relative to other customers on HubSpot, and were bouncing in and out of the tool, as we talked about how we could better measure and improve our performance", said Ranjeet.

We quickly zeroed in on our objective, to drive more quality leads via improved conversion rates. All the action items from the workshop were specifically tied to that objective. We walked away with a firm plan on how to implement our personas, smart CTAs, and workflows to position us better to meet our goals".


Results and What's Next

Within five months after Identropy's Inbound Marketing Workshop with HubSpot, they saw a 182% increase in landing page submissions because they are now optimizing for specific buyer personas. Another result of this new strategy is improved automated workflow campaigns, which have received an outstanding click through rate of 6.8%. Futhermore, Ranjeet is happy to report that 7.2% of his marketing qualified leads (MQLs) are now converting into the hands of their sales team as qualified sales leads (SQLs). On top of that, they are thrilled to have seen a 108% increase in their overall leads generated and look forward to continued success though inbound marketing with HubSpot.


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