Spanish Marketing Agency Increnta Implements Inbound Marketing and Triples Lead Generation

By 2013, Spanish digital marketing agency Increnta was well-established in Spain and throughout Latin America. However, it realised that its industry was changing – to stay on top, it needed a better way to acquire customers and achieve results for them. It decided to focus on the inbound marketing methodology, and its search for an all-in-one solution led it to HubSpot Partner Program.


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Increnta Team

About Increnta

Founded in Spain, Increnta is an interactive agency that helps companies to transform their lead-generation model and online presence. For the past 15 years, it has used e-commerce, inbound marketing and branding to ensure that its clients become known as thought leaders in their fields. Increnta has established locations in Valencia, Madrid and Bilbao, as well as operations in Colombia, Chile, Mexico and London.

Making the Move to the Inbound Methodology

By 2013, digital marketing agency Increnta was well-established in Spain and had also built up its presence in South America. However, it saw that its industry was changing. New competitors were emerging in the sector, and traditional outbound marketing methods were losing their effectiveness. Increnta knew that in order to continue to be successful, its way of working had to change.

It decided that going all-in with the inbound methodology made sense, both for itself and its customers. It started by using a collection of different software tools. However, they didn’t work well together, making it difficult to execute truly effective campaigns.

Increnta had a number of key goals –  it wanted to build its brand, expand into more markets and acquire larger clients. To achieve them, it would need a powerful, all-in-one software. After investigating its options, Eloy Montaña, Customer Success Director with Increnta, says that the HubSpot Marketing Platform emerged as the best fit.

“It had the best features, the price points that would suit our clients and the reporting capabilities that would allow us to really prove ROI. We were also impressed by the support structure that was on offer. We felt that this was something that would give us a roadmap to inbound success; we joined the HubSpot Partner Program in 2013.”

"HubSpot inspired us to implement an approach to marketing that was more strategic and more effective."

Eloy Montaña

Customer Success Director


Creating Campaigns That Capture Customers

Increnta immediately began to use the HubSpot software to optimise its own website. It started by running a campaign with the Campaigns App, aligning all of its marketing activities around a single offer and goal. In this case, the offer was an ebook on inbound marketing, and the goal was to generate more leads and customers.

It created a Landing Page for the ebook to live on, and promoted it across its social media channels with the Social Inbox. Increnta used the Blog App to write a series of posts focussed on inbound marketing, adding Calls-to-Action to drive visitors to the Landing Page. It also took advantage of the HubSpot software’s SEO features to boost traffic to its both the blog and the ebook. 

Once visitors interacted with the offer, they were added to a lead-nurturing Workflow and taken on a personalised journey through the marketing funnel. According to Eloy:

“It saved us so much time. We could manage the entire multi-channel campaign from within the Campaigns App, and instantly see how well each activity had performed and also how well they had worked together.”

Since then, Increnta has added a lot more content and run many more campaigns. It began to notice the difference to its business within a couple of months – leads began to flow in, and converting them to customers became easier.

Adrián Máñez, Increnta’s managing director, says that the input from the HubSpot support team has been crucial.

“They showed us the importance of targeting our clients based on their industry and interests. For example, banking is a very important sector for us, so we created a range of banking personas to make sure that we were catering their needs. In the last three months, we have signed three contract banking clients – one in Spain, one in Colombia and one in Chile.”

Another big change has been Increnta’s newfound ability to prove ROI to its clients.

“We’re not only producing more personalised campaigns, but we can also show them the effect of every action we take through the Marketing Analytics Dashboard. That’s led to us gaining more customers on retainer – when something is having a positive effect on their bottom line, they are keen to renew their contracts.”

"The HubSpot team helped us define our strategy and then achieve our goals in a logical way."

Adrián Máñez

Managing Director


The Road to Success, Paved by HubSpot

Since becoming a HubSpot Partner, Increnta has seen its web traffic increase 19X, while leads have been boosted by 20X.

“The quality of the leads is better as well,” says Adrián. “The churn rate has decreased; we know what they want, so we’re able to target opportunities with more precision. We’re spending less time on the phone and more time with prospects who we can really work with.”

35% of Increnta’s leads now come purely through inbound, and the majority of them are on retainers – in fact, renewed contracts has become a major source of the agency’s revenue. It now has 30 clients on the HubSpot Platform and has reached Platinum Tier Partner status.

The HubSpot partnership also gave Increnta the impetus to radically change its business model. Before, it was targeting SMEs; now, it is going after enterprise-level clients, who are willing to embrace all that inbound has to offer.

“We love that we can make such a positive difference to their businesses. On average, they see a 187% increase in organic traffic and an incredible 20X increase in qualified leads over the course of a 12-month campaign,” explains Adrián.

Looking to the future, Adrián says that the agency is going to expand even further in Latin America.

“The HubSpot software will be key to this. With a little tweaking, we’ve learned that our strategies are transferrable between markets, and that makes entering new territories so much easier. I would recommend that any other agency consider joining the Partner Program. It just works, and it really has been transformational for us.”

"Thanks to HubSpot, we’ve been able to attract larger clients and get the kind of results that have them signing on for more."

- Adrián Máñez

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