FinTech Leader Intelliflo Uses HubSpot to Increase Leads by 165%

Intelliflo is a SaaS business that delivers an on-demand management system to clients in the financial services industry so they can become more efficient, manage risk and build a better business. To increase website traffic and generate more leads, Intelliflo developed an inbound marketing strategy and began the process of identifying the right marketing software. They needed a platform which had the necessary tools for inbound success, as well as Salesforce integration so they could gain real-time insights into the leads its sales team should focus on. Since partnering with HubSpot, Intelliflo has managed to increase website traffic by 174% and leads by 165%.


Increase in leads


Increase in website traffic


Increase in organic traffic

Intelliflo Team

About Intelliflo

Intelliflo has been providing information technology services to companies in the financial services industry since 2004. Its leading web-based business management software, Intelligent Office, helps financial businesses both large and small to improve efficiency, manage their business risks and increase profits.

Launching an Inbound Marketing Strategy

After years of focusing on outbound marketing tactics, Intelliflo wanted a new approach to lead generation. Dan Moody, Intelliflo’s Digital Marketing Manager, invested in the HubSpot Marketing Platform following discussions with industry colleagues. 

The company had previously relied on tools like Silverpop and Hootsuite to run its email marketing and social media activity. However, these tools made it difficult for Intelliflo to calculate ROI and lacked the level of analytics required by its marketing team. They also proved to be time consuming to use as Dan found himself having to switch between tools. “HubSpot gives us all the information we need and enables us to focus on the activity that is most effective. It gives us the full picture and helps both our marketing and sales teams save time,” says Dan.

Intelliflo needed software that would provide an overview of all its marketing activity, plus a suite of apps to launch a successful inbound marketing strategy. In addition, Intelliflo required the marketing software to be able to integrate quickly and seamlessly with its existing CRM tool, Salesforce.

Dan says, “HgCapital, our majority shareholder, have other portfolio businesses working very successfully with HubSpot, so we were confident the software would deliver the results we need."

"HubSpot helped us increase traffic and leads, as well as sales rep productivity thanks to its Salesforce integration and lead scoring feature."

Dan Moody

Digital Marketing Manager


Increasing Lead Flow with HubSpot

Intelliflo began implementing the HubSpot Marketing Platform in December 2013. It launched a responsive website so visitors would have the best possible experience and be able to view the website across a range of devices. This was followed by the development of assets targeted at its personas, as well as the creation of Landing Pages and use of Smart Content to convert website visitors into leads. “Having a responsive website and dynamic content within our industry is important for us. It’s a great differentiator and provides visitors with the best user experience,” says Dan.

HubSpot’s SEO app helps the Intelliflo marketing team identify the right keywords to include on its website and blog. “HubSpot makes it easy for us to ensure all our web pages are fully optimised for search, so we can increase organic traffic,” adds Dan. Intelliflo have used the Email app to send more targeted and personalised emails to its database “HubSpot has improved our email marketing and enabled us to grow our list of contacts.” 

The Salesforce integration was set up within minutes and gives Intelliflo’s sales leaders a clear understanding of how the company’s marketing strategy is performing and if any adjustments should be made. The integration works silently in the background, keeping Intelliflo’s marketing and sales databases in perfect harmony.

The HubSpot platform enables Intelliflo to collect information about what prospects do on its website and the interactions they have with its marketing activity. Intelliflo then uses this information to provide its sales reps with valuable context to help them follow up more effectively. Dan says, “We have built highly customised lead scoring thanks to HubSpot’s Salesforce Integration. Our sales reps check their dashboard each day and see which leads they need to focus their attention on. It makes things easy for our sales team.”

Dan has been impressed with HubSpot’s numerous marketing apps. “It’s difficult to pick my favourite. Having so many amazing apps and features, all running at the same time makes HubSpot really powerful. The software is helping us create lots of value for the business each day,” says Dan.

"HubSpot is head and shoulders above any other marketing tool we’ve used."

Dan Moody

Focussing on the Right Marketing Activity and the Best Leads

Since partnering with HubSpot, Intelliflo has increased leads and the productivity of sales reps. “The lead scoring feature is brilliant. Our sales reps can now focus on selling, rather than trying to identify the warmest leads,” says Dan. Using HubSpot, Intelliflo increased website traffic by 174% and leads by 165%. By optimising the company website and landing pages for search, Dan grew organic search traffic by 83%

Thanks to these results, Dan sees the HubSpot software as key to helping the company realise its exciting growth plans. “Our sales team has grown significantly and my role will be to ensure the marketing team supply enough quality digital leads so sales can continue to focus on making the right calls to the right people. I’m sure with HubSpot we’ll achieve this.”

“HubSpot is easy to use. It’s designed for marketers like myself, which has helped drive adoption within the marketing organisation,” says Dan. He added, “The HubSpot support team and training videos are excellent. We’ve previously worked with companies where we had to pay for support and account management, but this is not the case with HubSpot. The onboarding team helped us get up to speed and progress quickly.”

Dan added, “It’s great to have one source of reporting to use across the business, rather than using various tools that tell a slightly different story. This information shows us clearly the ROI of our marketing, and enables myself and the team to make better decisions. It’s also helped foster greater alignment and understanding between our marketing and sales teams.” 

"I see the HubSpot Marketing Platform and our inbound marketing strategy as key components of our future growth plans."

Dan Moody

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