Health Services Success Story: Legacy Dental

Legacy Dental focused on outbound tactics like print and pay-per-click advertising. They couldn't manage or edit their site, and had no SEO plan. They needed to gain independence and develop a strategy.


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Legacy Dental Team

About Legacy Dental

Legacy Dental offers comprehensive family care, cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry and implant dentistry.

About Legacy Dental

The dentists at Legacy Dental believe that by changing your smile, you can change your life. Their team of dentists and dental professions help patients achieve high levels of dental health in their lives. Legacy Dental offers comprehensive family care, cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry and implant dentistry. They also provide emergency care.


Before starting with HubSpot, Legacy Dental relied mostly on print advertising and PPC. Their website was hosted by an external provider, so it was very difficult to make changes to their site to keep it up to date. They wanted to implement some kind of SEO plan, but making changes to the website was challenging and there wasn’t a lot of time left for marketing after a day of seeing patients.

Legacy Dental wanted to have the independence to alter their website easily and implement a marketing plan that would give them clear results.

Could inbound marketing give Legacy Dental the trackable results they were looking for?

“I knew I wanted to change to our marketing. The Yellow Pages was no longer going to be the main source for new customers. HubSpot came up in a Google search. I used the free Website Grader (now Marketing Grader) and was impressed. I wanted to find new patients.” The HubSpot software not only gave Legacy Dental the ability to easily manage their website, but also to drive visits to the website and convert them to leads.

Increasing Traffic to Their Website and Getting New Leads

In the past two years, Legacy Dental’s website visits have increased by 145%. They used the HubSpot software’s SEO Tools to optimize their website in order to get found online. They can find and track their best keywords, track inbound links, and optimize each individual website page. Visits to their website due to organic search have increased by 169% in the past two years.

Visits from Organic Search

Another key step in implementing their inbound marketing program was starting a blog. Their Salt Lake City Dentist Blog helps to both attract new patients to their website and keep their current patients informed with the latest news in dentistry. The HubSpot software’s Blogging Tool makes it easy for them create posts with the simple editing interface which provides SEO pointers and other tips along the way.

With the HubSpot software’s Lead Generation Tools, these website visitors can move towards becoming new Legacy Dental patients. In the past nine months, their leads have increased by 300%.

Legacy Dental Leads

Using the Service Marketplace to Save Time

Legacy Dental has access to over 100 HubSpot Certified Providers in the Service Marketplace to help them with their inbound marketing. HubSpot customers can save time by getting other experts to do certain portions of their inbound marketing for them. “I understand what the vendors are doing because I am familiar with HubSpot and I can use it on my own as well. I can tell them what I need to do for me and get specific results. Kuno Creative helped me with my website design.” Legacy Dental is planning to outsource some of their blogging and link building as well so they continue to reap the benefits of inbound marketing while focusing on their patients.

Service Marketplace

“Our website is now generating 50% of our new patients, up from 10% before starting with HubSpot. I save money using HubSpot because I don’t need to focus on print advertising.”

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“Dentists are detail oriented and want to know all the numbers. The metrics in HubSpot are really neat. It’s great to be able to see those things. The results are clear.”

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