OCCEducación Implemented an Integrated Marketing and Sales Strategy to Grow Leads 35%

OCCEducación sought a new marketing and sales strategy that would establish an efficient stream of leads generated from their website, help reduce their customer acquisition costs and achieve their revenue goals. The marketing team at OCCEducación became aware of the value of Inbound Marketing through HubSpot's blog articles and educational materials. They decided to sign up for HubSpot and have seen a significant increase in their sales opportunities as well as a reduction in overall marketing costs.


lead increase
within one year


increase in lead conversion rate
within one year


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within one year

About OCCEducación

OCCMundial.com was founded in 1996 as the first online labor exchanges in the Mexican market. Today, OCC is the leading online job bank in Mexico currently including more than 16,000 companies that recruit their human capital through this site. OCCMundial.com offers a wide range of services and technologies for companies, students and individuals.

The Challenges

Around 2011, the team leading the OCCMundial labor exchange realized that 60% of the candidates who were looking for a job were also trying to achieve professional growth. This is how they came up with the idea of creating a consultancy portal to provide guidance to candidates in finding the best education for their labor goals. They called it OCCEducación. The challenge was to position OCC in this new market and to inform users about all the professional alternatives available online and the great benefits they could obtain.

Although OCCMundial already had a marketing strategy in place, it was based on payment strategies. OCCEducación, however, not only needed to inform about available alternatives, it also had to know the candidates in order to provide them the best offers.

"We were using traditional marketing on the internet. We used to do display, AdWords and empowered SEO, but we realized that successful companies not only make external efforts but also do follow-ups and keep track of the users who see their marketing campaigns. At that moment we realized something was missing." Jesús López, OCCMundial Mexico Marketing Online Manager

OCCEducación has a wide variety of educational offerings and therefore it was necessary to segment the prospects, have an excellent follow-up process for the leads and know very well the characteristics of the people who were ready to commit to enrolling in a course.

Starting With HubSpot and Building a New Sales Culture.

OCCEducación decided to start using HubSpot's marketing software to overcome these challenges and position itself as the leader in online educational offerings. With a team of 20 people in marketing and at least 50 in sales, implementing new software represented a major change. Jesús López knew that both teams had to be on the same page if they wanted the sales process to be efficient and supported with good information.

Thanks to HubSpot's flexibility, the software installation was relatively simple and there was no need to make any adjustments to the site. It was necessary to change OCCEducación's internal culture and the manner of evaluating sales opportunities and qualifying prospects. Jesús knew that without an internal structure that would allow the marketing department to conduct a proper follow-up, the sales process would not be successful either. It was like being blind to all the sales opportunities that were arriving via the portal.

"The sales team was not used to making numerical evaluations of the sales opportunities or to be aligned with and provide feedback to the marketing department. HubSpot became the basic tool that enables us to implement and execute this cultural change."

HubSpot allowed Jesús and his team to qualify and empower each visit to the OCCEducación portal. Once on the site, the users became leads when they provided their personal information, later the sales team could prioritize the leads in terms of the scoring established in the HubSpot, significantly increasing conversion and finally turning into sales.

Another benefit used by OCCEducación to improve the efficiency of their marketing teams was certification in the HubSpot Academy. This free online course enabled the OCCEducación marketing team to understand and become certified in the Inbound methodology incorporating processes and methods to attract customers and increase sales opportunities.


Results and Future Plans with Inbound Marketing

In the case of OCCEducación, HubSpot software helped merge the Marketing and Sales departments into a single team. Thanks to the design of the Inbound strategy, both teams provide feedback to each other and are able to coordinate the sales flows supported by HubSpot.

Today, OCCEducación has seen incredible growth and scale through using HubSpot, with almost 500,000 leads and over 8MM contacts in their database. Thanks to this new model, they know what to do with each one of these opportunities, when to send them an e-mail and how to communicate to their specific interests. HubSpot managed to capitalize on the OCCEducación database by realistically evaluating each visit and allowing for significant savings in traditional investments.

"In recent months the sales team converted more than 2,000 people without spending a single penny. All they are doing is using HubSpot internally and unifying sales and marketing into a single strategy."

Thus far in 2014, OCCEducación has obtained 48,117 leads in direct conversion through HubSpot, representing growth of 35% over 2013 and a 5% increase in the conversion rate. Looking ahead, OCCEducación seeks to become a significant educational point of reference in the city of Mexico, double qualified leads and reach a conversion rate of 10% in 2015.

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