PayPlug Powers Up Its Marketing and Boosts Leads by 30% With HubSpot

PayPlug offers an easy-to-install online payment solution that is used by thousands of SMEs. Its goal is to become the go-to platform for merchants across France and Europe, so it has always sought to generate and nurture leads online. However, the various point solutions it was using were holding it back. They didn’t integrate well together, which made it difficult to create effective, joined-up campaigns. PayPlug’s new head of marketing suggested the HubSpot software, and the company adopted it 12 months ago. Since then, it has increased its blog visitors by 500%, while its leads have grown by 30%.


Increase in leads


Increase in blog traffic


Increase website traffic

PayPlug Team


PayPlug is the first online payment solution designed specifically for SMEs. Founded in 2012 in France, the platform has become a key alternative to legacy players thanks to its simple products, high-performance conversion tools and strong customer service. PayPlug’s goals are to make online commerce accessible, help small businesses to stand out and contribute to the digitisation of the economy.

Ditching Disjointed Solutions for One Powerful Platform

Founded in 2012, PayPlug offers a very simple online payment solution to SMEs. It enables merchants to process credit card transactions quickly and easily, while offering them the highest levels of security and fraud protection. By 2017, it had thousands of customers throughout France and Europe, and it wanted to build on that momentum. It knew that a successful inbound marketing strategy could make all the difference, but it was struggling with a set of disjointed point solutions.

“Before I was hired, PayPlug was using a number of point solutions for email marketing and blogging, and our CRM was a spreadsheet ,” explains Pauline Parizot, now PayPlug’s head of marketing. “None of our systems were integrated, which made it difficult to pursue a cohesive strategy or get useful analytics.”

Pauline was an avid follower of the HubSpot blog, and she knew that she wanted to use its software in her next role. When she interviewed with PayPlug, she presented a plan that laid out how it could benefit the business.

“After I started with the company, the management team decided that an all-in-one software really was the best way to implement the inbound methodology. We evaluated several, and I was delighted when we chose the HubSpot software. It just stood out from the others in terms of tools, automation features and analytics, but what really sold us was all the support and guidance that was on offer. It was clear that we would be dealing with people who understood our challenges and who were invested in our success. We signed up in 2017.”

"As a marketer, it’s reassuring to work with the HubSpot team because you know you’re working with experts."

Pauline Parizot

Head of Marketing


Syncing Up Marketing and Sales

PayPlug decided to use the HubSpot Growth Stack – the combination of the Marketing, CRM and Sales software – to ensure that its new inbound strategy was embedded throughout its business. With HubSpot Marketing Hub, it created a resources library complete with ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, infographics and case studies, adding Calls-to-Action and Forms to encourage user engagement.

“It was a springboard for us to pursue a new content strategy. Rather than just talking about payments, we can now cover broader ecommerce topics that are of interest to our SME customers. We also moved our blog to the HubSpot CMS, and started optimising our posts so they could be easily found by search engines,” says Pauline.

The sales team is reaping benefits as well. With the HubSpot CRM, they have access to relevant lead information, and they use HubSpot’s sales tools to optimise their outreach, manage their pipelines and close more deals.

“Our marketing and sales teams are now much more aligned. We’re all working from the same page, and we know where we stand with every lead. There’s no more back and forth about who did what. We share dashboards and objectives – everything is a lot simpler and more peaceful!”

Pauline says that her HubSpot customer success manager has helped PayPlug to supercharge its inbound strategy.

“He goes above and beyond! He has a strategic view on our business and the advice he gives us is spot on. For example, we recently wanted to expand our presence in the Italian market, and he did a lot of research and came up with some great ideas. I often cite him as an example when we’re discussing how to deliver true customer service.”

PayPlug continues to delve into all that can be achieved with the HubSpot software.

“We love the HubSpot Academy; the marketing team consults it very regularly, learning new skills and ways to use the platform. Last week, I had a question about something quite technical and I found everything I needed there right away. We also know that we can call HubSpot support whenever we have a question, and they’ll get back to us really quickly.”

"We’re working in a much smarter way now. The HubSpot software has freed up our time and allowed us to concentrate on strategy rather than repetitive tasks."

- Pauline Parizot

Flipping the Switch to Inbound Success

PayPlug has only been using the HubSpot software for a year, but it has already seen improvements across its key metrics.

“We’ve seen a 15% increase to website traffic and our blog traffic has gone through the roof – it’s up by 500%. Leads have increased by 30%, and we know that’s because of the changes we’ve made. Before, our website was quite static, but now it filled with relevant content and offers. We’ve also recently defined our personas, and that’s helping us to give our contacts the personalised nurturing that results in conversions,” says Pauline.

Customer numbers are on the rise as well. They have already increased significantly, and the goal is to double them in the coming months.

PayPlug wants to become the go-to payment solution for SMEs, first in France and then throughout Europe.

“Our partnership with HubSpot is going to be a big part of that. It is continually adding new features; it’s a company that always has an eye on what’s coming next. I hope that it will be part of our business for many years to come.”

"I’m something of a HubSpot evangelist! I often say to my team, ‘Look at what HubSpot just did, we should be following its lead.’ It’s one of our marketing role model."

- Pauline Parizot

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