Templafy Increases Inbound Revenue by 3X With HubSpot

Danish SaaS company Templafy helps large enterprises to create professional, on-brand documents in an instant and streamline workflows across any office software suite. It was looking for a way to track where its leads were coming from when it found the HubSpot Marketing Platform. Templafy soon realised that the HubSpot software would allow it to not only track its leads but also nurture them through the entire pipeline. Since signing up, the company has achieved some amazing results, including a 3X increase in revenue in 12 months.


Increase in revenue from inbound leads


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in blog traffic

Templafy Team


Templafy is one the fastest growing IT companies in Scandinavia and it’s already changing the way large enterprises work with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel. Templafy’s software helps branding, compliance and IT teams govern and optimize the way employees create documents, presentations and emails in Microsoft Office and Office 365 applications, making best-practice company content accessible right where employees work. Templafy has already secured prominent global enterprises as clients, many with over 20,000 employees world-wide and it continues to expand into new markets.

A New Way to Track, Nurture and Close Leads

Templafy was founded in 2013 to help enterprise-level businesses to take control of their document templates, and it has become one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in Scandinavia. However, when it first launched, it had trouble tracking where its leads were coming from. New hire Glen Hagensen was tasked with changing that picture.

“When I joined the company two and half years ago, we basically had a Google AdWords account and not much more. As I looked at what we could be doing to make our marketing more measurable and effective, I came across the HubSpot Marketing Platform. That was definitely an eye-opener for me.”

Glen realised that the HubSpot software would allow Templafy to do more than just track leads – it would allow it to nurture them through the entire funnel.

“We could track people every step of the way, from a Facebook Like to the website pages they visited to what they downloaded. We could find out more about them and ensure that we were engaging them in the right way.”

He did look into using a range of point solutions to achieve the same effect, but that seemed too disjointed and complicated to work. He also investigated other marketing automation software, including Marketo, but the HubSpot Marketing Platform won out.

“It had the most comprehensive set of features, and it was backed by a team that seemed invested in our success."

The decision was made, and Templafy signed on the dotted line with HubSpot in 2015. 

"The HubSpot software could give us a clear view on our leads straightaway, and that was very attractive to us."

Glen Hagensen

Head of Marketing

Getting Personal With the HubSpot Software

The first step that Templafy took with the HubSpot software was to create personas. Getting them right was critical, as the company uses account-based marketing and needs to ensure that every message it sends is highly personalised to the recipient.

“We discussed who we needed to be targeting with the sales team and got great insights into how to position ourselves toward them,” explains Glen.

The company has created a library of content and an active blog, and leads are enrolled into Workflows depending on their persona, interactions and stage in the funnel.

“From a lead’s first click on our website, it can take up to six months before they are ready to buy. With Marketing Analytics, we can see where they have come from, what keywords they searched for and what sort of user journey they take before signing up for a trial. We know so much about them, and that allows us to adapt and improve our marketing.”

Glen says that Templafy got a better understanding of its leads from day one of using the HubSpot Marketing Platform. That knowledge has only deepened as time has gone on, thanks in part to the HubSpot support team.

“They are outstanding. I’ve had questions of a really complex nature, and I’ve received answers sometimes within half an hour, accompanied by a video that they have created especially for me. Our HubSpot customer success manager also helped us to start working in a more holistic way, which has allowed us to propel our marketing to the next level.”

"With the HubSpot software, we can effectively manage every touch that we have with our leads until they are ready to be passed on to Sales."

- Glen Hagensen

Outstanding Results That Keep Getting Better

Templafy is certainly reaping the benefits of the HubSpot software. In just the last year, it has increased organic website traffic by 6X, while visitors to its blog have been boosted by a whopping 11X. Revenue is also on the up; since 2016, Templafy’s income from inbound leads has risen by 3X.

“We’ve increased our overall significantly, and we’ve also seen an increase in our marketing qualified leads. As part of our nurturing, we ultimately ask people to sign up for a trial or a demo. 12 months ago, about 5% of them did. Now it ranges from 10% to 24%, depending on what content they have interacted with.”

The company is also noticing that it is getting better quality leads than before.

“I think that’s because we now have a much better understanding of what our prospects are interested in, and we produce content to appeal to their needs.”

Templafy has a particularly ambitious goal; by 2020, it wants to have 20 million users.

“We’re a global company with customers all over the world, but we would like to be present everywhere! One of the ways we’re going to do that is by targeting professional services companies – law firms, consultancy firms, banks – using the HubSpot Marketing Platform. It’s going to help us really understand those businesses on a granular level and create individualised marketing plans that speak to their needs.”

"With HubSpot you don’t have to switch between different tools to get the insights you need. I recommend it to any other company that wants sustainable and predictable growth."

- Glen Hagensen

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