Enable Anything Through the Solutions Partner Program

Welcome to the Solutions Partner Program, formerly the Agency Partner Program. Today’s businesses need growth strategies that support the entire customer lifecycle. We want to empower you to deliver solutions across all of HubSpot’s products and the full customer experience. That means there's more that's changed than just our name. Treat this as your home base for all the latest program updates.

What's the Latest?

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Watch Our Virtual Program Kickoff

Our partner program leader, Katie Ng-Mak, and HubSpot's COO, JD Sherman, recently hosted a 2020 virtual kickoff. Hear about updates to the Solutions Partner Program, including details on cross-sell, lead registration and partner credentialing.

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Solutions Partner Program Starter Pack

Time to get on brand. Start repping the Solutions Partner Program with the new partner badges and logos. For a quick refresher on use, review our updated program brand guidelines. Plus, dive into our new 2020 Tiers & Benefits Guide to learn about new tier benefits.

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Updates to Lead Registration

When our partners go to register a new lead, it's rejected 31% of the time because it's already registered to another partner. We're adjusting registration capacity, windows and how you can re-register leads to make sure partners are registering domains with intent.

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The Refreshed Partner Program

As we evolve our program, our investments and changes will be guided by our three core tenets: making it easier for you to grow, partner and connect with the partner ecosystem.

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    Grow Better

    In 2020, we'll invest in your growth a few different ways.

    Personal HubSpot Demo Account

    Get access to the full growth suite. Use your individualized account to demo the full suite of enterprise products to your prospects. Plus, since this account is personal to your company, you can customize the portal for demos. Learn more.

    Updated Client Management Dashboard

    Use the new retention index to get real time data and actionable insights into how your clients are performing. Know what’s happening throughout the lifecycle of your customers, across all products. Available March 2020.

    New Tier Structure

    We refreshed tiers and recalibrated targets to ensure our tiers have real differentiation and are aligned to your growth path. As the main take aways, we added an elite tier, added a provider level, removed the silver tier and updated the tier thresholds. Learn more.

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    It should be easy to collaborate with partners and get credit for your impact. What're we working on today to make this a reality in 2020?

    Cross-Sell Credit and Commissions

    Get credit and commissions when you cross-sell new products to existing HubSpot customers, regardless of how the customer originated. Plus, receive a full twelve months of tier credit when you up sell to your existing sold customers. As of March 2, 2020, this is live in all regions.

    Lead Registration Capacity

    To help partners maintain a healthy pipeline, we're making changes to partner domain capacity based on your tier. When this goes into effect on April 15, 2020, you won't lose any of your domains. But if you'd like to register a new domain, you'll need to drop below your new capacity to register it. Initial domain registration time will change to six months and re-registration to three months on April 15, 2020 as well. Workflows will no longer be available for re-registration starting July 1, 2020. Learn more.

    Sales Rules for Partner Collaboration

    Finally, official documentation of our partner collaboration policies. We hope that making these rules more visible and transparent will make it easier for you to effectively earn commission and credit towards tiering. Read the details.

  3. directory


    When it comes to the partner directory, reviews only tell part of the broader story. Our vision is to build a credentials ecosystem that’s displayed at the heart of the directory. So when a customer comes to HubSpot with a problem, they can easily filter to find the right partner.

    Rebuilding the Solutions Directory

    Let's start with a more powerful partner directory. We've done a full technical rebuild to help customers to filter through the entire partner base to match their needs with your expertise. This includes new features, like adding up to five office locations to your profile. View the directory.

    Investing in Partner Certifications

    With results-based validation in our partner certifications, partners who excel in a particular area can stand out in the directory. Our first step towards this future is the Advanced Implementation Certification (AIC). Since then, we've launched the CMS Implementation Certification. Get started.

What Do We Mean by Enable Anything?

Hear how Piloxing, the third largest group fitness company in the world, tapped into our partner ecosystem to grow better.

Deciding to move away from their traditional marketing strategy, Piloxing purchased Marketing Hub Professional. But they needed some help, so they tapped into our partner ecosystem.

Working with partner Media Junction, they shifted into an inbound marketing strategy. Then, they pulled in partner Impulse Creative to sunset old systems and replace them with a new integrated technology stack.

Together, Media Junction and Impluse Creative enabled a personalized and cohesive user experience for Piloxing's entire community.

As a growing partner, it’s not always easy to cover all of your customer's needs. But with a full community of partner peers in the HubSpot ecosystem, you can enable anything. 


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Faces of Our Partner Ecosystem

Though some things are changing, one thing will always remain the same: our partner community. Thanks for being you.

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